Sunday, November 22, 2015

Halloween III: Season of The Witch (1982)

The bastard child of the Halloween franchise.  I avoided this movie for years simply because I knew Michael Myers wasn’t in it.  It ended up being my loss because it is a good movie in it’s own right.  Had it just been called Season of the Witch, I think would’ve received a lot more love.  Though it seems more and more people are discovering this movie after all these years.  And for those you saw it back in 1982, I'm sure they can't get that commercial jingle out of their heads after all these years.

Halloween III was filmed in Los Angeles and Loleta, CA, or as I like to call it, The Town that Dreaded Progress.  Not much has changed since 1982 and the town is just as creepy as it appeared in the film.

Location: Chasing Grimbridge
Address: San Fernando Rd, under 5 bypass, Sylmar, CA

Location: Junkyard
Address: 14838 San Fernando Rd, Sylmar, CA

Location: Gas Station
Address: 22124 Sierra Highway, Sylmar, CA

Location: The Bar
Address: 70 W Sierra Madre Blvd, Sierra Madre, CA  (The Buccaneer)

The portraits still remain...

Location: The Hospital
Address: 11600 Eldridge Avenue, Sylmar, CA

The building is no longer there, but the one seen when the car explodes is still standing.  Thanks to Mr. H from the message board for finding yet another location.

Location: Town Square/TV Shop
Address: 17 Kersting Ct, Sierra Madre, CA

This is the same location as the Town Square from Halloween II (1981)...

Location: Driving to Santa Mira
Address: Hookton Road Overpass, Loleta, CA

If you take the Loleta exit off the 101 heading north, you need to cross this overpass to get to Loleta.

Location: Welcome to Santa Mira
Address: Eel River Dr. and Copenhagen Road, Loleta, CA

Location: Main Street 
Address: Main Street, Loleta CA

Shamrock Savings, Santa Mira grocery, Church, former Dublin Inn location.

A suit watches Challis and Ellie drive into town.

The alley is right next to the Halloween mask store.

Shamrock Savings...

Shamrock Grocery...

Location: Rafferty's Gas Station/Rose of Shannon Motel
Address: 2457 Eel River Dr, Loleta, CA

Challis and Elli's motel room...

Marge Guttman's motel room...

The motel office...

Location: Silver Shamrock Factory
Address: 281 Loleta Dr, Loleta, CA

Loleta Cheese Factory is across the street, where Challis and Ellie park before heading into the factory.

Ellie's brought in...

Challis breaks in...

Final processing, now boarded up...

Location: "Baton Rouge, Louisiana"
Address: 101 S Plymouth Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

Thanks to Robert at for finding this location and "Ohama, Nebraska."

Location: "Omaha, Nebraska"
Address: 159 Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

Location: "Dayton, Ohio"
Address: 4431 Ben Avenue, Studio City, CA

Thanks to Mr. H at the message board for finding this location and the ones that follow.

Location: "New York, New York"
Address: 22700 Lyons Avenue, Santa Clarita, CA

Location: "Los Angeles, California"
Address: near 2810 Thomas Street, Montecito Heights, CA

Location: "Seattle, Washington"
Address: Vista Ridge Drive, turning onto Wiley Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, CA

Location: "Phoenix, Arizona"
Address: Thomas Street looking toward Two Tree Avenue, Montecito Heights, CA

Locations Visited: November 2013, November 2015, March 2016, October 2016

Over the years, I met a few of the cast attending some horror conventions...

Tom Atkins (Daniel)

Stacey Nelkin (Ellie)

Nancy Loomis (Linda)

Dick Warlock (Assassin)


  1. Awesome stuff! This movie is way too underrated!

    1. Thanks! Yes, Halloween III is definitely too underrated. 1 more day til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween...

    2. We watch this every Halloween. Love to see all these places then and now...

  2. I just ordered some cheese from the Loleta Cheese factory. As close as I will get until my Loleta/Ferndale trip to see the H3 and Salems Lot filming locations. So ironic that those two towns are only about 5 minutes from one another.

    1. That's awesome, Sam Hain! If you're on the Halloween Message Board, be sure to post pics!

  3. Fantastic post. Thank you for sharing all this.