Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984)

The Muppets Take Manhattan must have been the first movie I ever saw in theaters.  Everyone's favorite flock of animal puppets run amok throughout The Big Apple trying to get their Broadway show made.  Miss Piggy really gets the New York experience as she takes on a group of ogling construction workers and rollerskates after a Central Park mugger.  For me, the highlight of the movie is the cute fantasy sequence that led to The Muppet Babies cartoon.

The Muppets Take Manhattan was filmed in Rye and New York, NY

Location: Kermit & Jenny's Fountain
Address: W58th St & Grand Army Plaza, New York, NY  Pulitzer Fountain 

Location: Sardi's Restaurant
Address: 234 W 44th Street Cherry Hill, New York, NY

Location: Kermit & Jenny Lounge in the Park
Address: Cherry Hill, Central Park, New York, NY

Location: Gonzo's Water Show
Address: 1 Playland Parkway, Rye, NY  Playland Amusement Park

This is Playland Lake, which is on the opposite side of amusement park where Big (1988), Fatal Attraction (1987)Swans Crossing (1992) and Mariah Carey - Fantasy (1995) were filmed.

Location: The Theater
Address: 261 W47th Street, New York, NY

This was formerly The Biltmore Theater, which suffered a fire and is now known as The Samuel J Friedman Theater.

And who should be starring in the latest production but Kermit's doctor, Linda Lavin!

Location: Pete's Lunchonette
Address: Downing Street & Varick Street, New York, NY

Sadly, now it is a McDonald's.  But I'm sure you'll still find some rats in the kitchen.

Location: Kermit's Hospital
Address: 1249 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Madonna - Bad Girl (1993)

Picking up where Justify My Love left off, Madonna's Erotica album served up more raunchy sexcapade stories.  The album is very underrated thanks to the Sex book backlash and Madonna's Razzie award-winning performance in Body of Evidence.  Although Bad Girl is not her best effort from Erotica, the video is visually appealing.

Thanks to Robert Patterson at Set-Jetter for finding this location. 

Bad Girl was filmed in New York, NY

Location: Madonna's Apartment/Street
Address: 66 Morton Street, New York, NY

Location: The Diner      
Address: 210 10th Avenue & 20th Street, New York, NY    Empire Diner

Unfortunately the Empire Diner has closed once again.  Hopefully it will reopen in the future so I can actually get inside.

This was also seen in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

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