Saturday, January 23, 2016

Madonna - Papa Don't Preach (1986)

It just wouldn't be summer in the 1980s without a Madonna song in heavy rotation on MTV, and in 1986, it was Papa Don't Preach.  She hung her garter belt to dry, toned up and chopped off her locks for a more mature look, one of many re-inventions.  In the video, The Material Girl was Burning Up so much for her mechanic boyfriend's love, she found herself with child.  Madonna struggled to tell her father, fearing it would push him over the Borderline.  She finally does, daddy eventually comes around and Madonna would Live To Tell about it.

Papa Don't Preach was filmed on Staten Island, NY

Location: Madonna's Pensive Walk
Address: Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, NY

Location: The Mechanic Shop
Address: 511 Bay Street, Staten Island, NY

Thanks to Robert Patterson at for finding this location.

Location: The Train Station
Address: Stapleton Train Station, Staten Island, NY


Location: Madonna's House
Address: 35 Edgar Terrace, Staten Island, NY

UPDATE: 4/23/17  - Madonna fan Kevin Petrie from Down Under has discovered a few more locations from the video!  Many thanks to Kevin for his meticulous research and for sharing the information about The Railway Tracks and The Stairs With No Railing!  

Location: The Stairs With No Railing
Address: near Richmond Terrace & Jersey Street, Staten Island, NY

The dangerous stairs with no railing that Madonna walks up was part of the Bank Street Bridge, which was near the New Brighton Station.  It was obviously in disrepair at the time of the video and was finally torn down in 1999, but thanks to a photo Kevin found, you can see what it looked like in its heyday.

In the shot before she heads up the stairs (which you can see in the upper right), Madonna is seen walking under the bridge toward a building which still exists today...

Location: The Railway Tracks
Address: near Richmond Terrace & Snug Harbor Road, Staten Island, NY

Locations Visited: January 2016


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    1. My pleasure, Joshua! I'll fill you in on a little 'Secret', a few more Madonna posts will be up soon that I hope you'll 'Cherish' ;-)

  2. I believe the house Madonna opens the door of is 35 Edgar Terrace (not 15).
    I used to live a street away, and Google Street view confirms (via the two houses to the right).

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, Bryan. I fixed the typo. Did you live in the area when the video was filmed?

  3. Enjoy looking back at old staten island
    I went to McKee high school class of 86
    I remember most of this thank you

  4. To see the Twin Towers makes me so sad
    Good old Times