Tuesday, November 19, 2019

R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts (1993)

When life gets tough and the chips are down, it's always helpful to have a playlist of inspirational tunes to get you out of the doldrums.  And no such playlist should be without R.E.M's Everybody Hurts.  Taken from their critically acclaimed Automatic For The People album, Everybody Hurts was the third single to crack the Top 40 and reminds us despair does not discriminate.  For the band's iconic video, director Jake Scott (son of Ridley Scott) shut down part of the McDermott Freeway in San Antonio, TX to pay homage to LA traffic.  Commuters stare out their windows bleakly before abandoning their cars. The video was the most nominated at the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards, winning four of its seven categories, and remains one of the best of the decade.

Location: The Freeway
Address: McDermott Freeway at Fredericksburg Road & Woodlawn Avenue, San Antonio, TX

Location Visited: October 2019

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Swingtown (2008)

As America celebrates its bicentennial, Susan and Bruce Miller's world gets an upgrade - a new job, a new house and new neighbors.  Tom and Trina Decker will let you borrow much more than a cup of sugar, which the Millers quickly find out after attending one of their infamous parties.  Susan and Bruce continue to explore the swinging culture throughout the summer of '76 but they're not the only one going through changes.  Susan's uptight best friend, and former neighbor, Janet Thompson loosens up her apron strings and becomes an advice columnist.  Though she's not willing to share her husband Roger, who has secretly developed a night fever ;-) for Susan.

Swingtown is definitely in my top 3 of one season wonders.  I love the era - a simpler, happier time with great music.  Created by Mike Kelly, who would later bring us Revenge (2011-2015), Swingtown was doomed from the start given its subject matter and the network it aired on.  HBO or Showtime would've been a much better fit.  I was hoping the series would swing ;-) to one of them after cancellation.  It had a stellar cast, incredible production design and soundtrack to get any key party started.  The pilot was shot in Austin, TX but filming moved to LA when it went to series.  

Swington was filmed in Austin, TX and Studio City, South Pasadena and Malibu, CA

Location: Susan & Bruce's Old House
Address: 1408 Northwood Road, Austin, TX

Location: Janet & Roger's House
Address: 1409 Northwood Road, Austin, TX

Location: Susan & Bruce's New House (Pilot)
Address:  2411 Pemberton Place, Austin, TX

Thanks to Robert Patterson for finding this location...

Location: Trina & Tom's House (Pilot)
Address: 2406 Pemberton Place, Austin, TX

Location: Gail Saxton's House
Address: 2415 Pemberton Place, Austin, TX

Location: The Movie Theater
Address: 1120 S Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX  Alamo DraftHouse 

This former shopping center got a major overhaul since filming took place but you briefly see the Alamo sign through the glass.

Locations Visited: October 2019