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Doogie Howser, M.D. (1989-1993)


Child prodigy Douglas "Doogie" Howser earned a perfect SAT score at the age of six.  He completed high school in just nine weeks.  He graduated Princeton at the age of ten.  He completed medical school at the age of fourteen.  He can prescribe drugs, but he can't buy beer.  Now in his second year residency at Eastman Medical Center, Doogie saves lives in between studying for his road test, hanging with his best friend Vinnie and his girlfriend Wanda.  

Doogie Howser, M.D. was the brainchild of Steven Bochco and David E. Kelly.  The series was not particularly loved by critics nor a Nielsen favorite, but premiered during the television dramedy craze and entertained audiences for four seasons.  Neil Patrick Harris was not the ABC executives first choice for the role but their temperature eventually warmed up after successful test screenings.  The series had a memorable theme song for the opening credits, which told the series' premise through newspaper headlines.  Ratings eventually flatlined and the show was canceled, with Doogie resigning from Eastman Medical and heading for Europe.

Location: Eastman Medical Center
Address: 18350 Roscoe Boulevard, Northridge, CA  Northridge Hospital

Location: The Howser Residence
Address: 796 Amalfi Drive, Pacific Palisades, CA

The house seen on the show was torn down after the series went off the air...

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