Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Basketball Diaries (1995)

Based on Jim Carroll's autobiographical works, The Basketball Diaries is dark decent into drug addiction.  Jim and his buddies are the stars of the basketball team and headed for greatness until they make narcotics a daily after school activity. Living on the streets, Jim hits rock bottom but manages to turn things around in the end.  Juliette Lewis does a nice job in her small role as a junkie and we certainly feel the vibrations of Mark Wahlberg showing us such range as a streetwise punk.

The Basketball Diaries was filmed in Queens and New York, NY

Location: Jumping Off The Bus
Address: Water Street & State Street, New York, NY

Jim and crew jump off the bus and create a little havoc heading for the Staten Island Ferry here.

Location: Staten Island High School
Address: 67-01 110th Street, Queens, NY   Forest Hills High School

Location: The Cliff Jump
Address: Spuyten Duyvil Creek/Inwood Park

The apartment building is at 2400 Edsall Avenue in the Bronx.  Getting to the cliff wasn't plausible so these shots were taken across Spuyten Duyvil Creek at the edge of Inwood Park.

Location: Winkie & Blinkie's Apartment Building
Address: 242 E 72nd Street at 2nd Avenue, New York, NY

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Meet The Parents (2000)

Meet the Parents is painful to watch, but in a good way.  Greg Focker flies to New York to meet his girlfriend's parents and plans to propose. What could get focked up?  Just about everything from the family cat pissing on the grandmother's ashes, a yard flooded with sewage, a wedding canopy up in flames and perhaps the funniest volleyball spike in cinematic history.  Owen Wilson is particularly funny as the can-do-no-wrong ex-boyfriend.

Meet The Parents was filmed in White Plains, Harrison, Old Brookville, Port Washington, Greenvale and Syosset, NY

Location: LaGuardia Airport
Address: 240 Airport Road, White Plains, NY  Westchester County Airport

Location: Pam's House
Address: 93 Pound Hollow Road, Old Brookville, NY

There was a private driveway so I couldn't get up close.  It looks like some renovations were done to the front.

Location: Oyster Bay Drugs
Address: 364 Port Washington Blvd, Port Washington, NY   Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace

Location: Victor Talbots Formals
Address: 47 Glen Cove Road, Greenvale, NY

Big thanks to Brittany for the guided tour and letting me take a look around.

Location: Kevin's House
Address: 5 Laurelwood Court, Harrison, NY

This was another private driveway situation so I got what I could from the road.

3 Laurelwood Court can also be seen. 

Location: Oyster Bay Animal Shelter
Address: 150 Miller Place, Syosset, NY

Unfortunately I couldn't get inside, but the interiors were shot here.

Location: Louie's Surf & Turf Restaurant
Address: 395 Main Street, Port Washington, NY

Location: The Oyster Bay 500
Address: Main Street between Herbert Avenue & Port Washington Blvd, NY

Dunkin Donuts is still there.

Jack turns on N. Maryland Avenue

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