Monday, September 21, 2020

WKRP in Cincinnati (1978-1982)


The WKRP radio station in Cincinnati has seen, or heard, better days.  Enter new program director Andy Travis to turn things around and oversee a bumbling staff.  I was just tyke when the show originally aired but do remember seeing some episodes in syndication, where it flourished.  I certainly remembered the theme song.  The series continued in the early 90s as the New WKRP in Cincinnati, with several cast members reprising their characters.  While on a trip to northern Kentucky, I ventured over the Ohio River to stop by the building seen in the opening credits.

Location: The Osgood R Flimm Building 
Address: 617 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH  

This was the former Cincinnati Enquirer Building.  Today it is a Hampton Inn & Suites...


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Thursday, September 10, 2020

The Client (1994)

Young Mark Sway and his little brother Ricky witness the suicide of mob lawyer W. Jerome Clifford while smoking some butts in the woods.  Mark's life becomes endangered when authorities and the mob realize Clifford may have told Mark the location of a senator's dead body.  Enter Reggie Love, the Marcia Clark of Memphis, who finds herself in an uphill battle against US Attorney "Reverend" Roy Foltrigg for Mark's best interest.   She manages to arrange a brand new life for his family in exchange for the location of the dead body.

Film audiences were first introduced John Grisham's novels with The Firm (1993).  The Client was his fourth novel and third one to be adapted for the screen.  Directed by the late Joel Shumacher, the film stars Susan Sarandon, Tommy Lee Jones and the late Brad Renfro, who delivers an exceptional performance in a demanding role.  A cinematic jury found in favor of the film, with glowing reviews and box office receipts.  While placing third for film adaptations, The Client was the first John Grisham novel to be adapted into a television series, with 22 episodes airing during the 1995-1996 season before CBS rescinded ;-)  

The Client was filmed in Memphis, TN, Horseshoe, AK and New Orleans, LA

Location: The Hospital
Address: 877 Jefferson Avenue, Memphis, TN

Location: Reggie's Office
Address: 8 N. Third Street, Memphis, TN

Location: Mama Love's House
Address: 1654 Forrest Avenue, Memphis, TN

Thanks to PaulH for finding this location...

Location: The Diner
Address: 540 S Main Street, Memphis, TN  Arcade Restaurant

Just across the street from Arcade is the road Mitch drives down to meet Eddie Lomax in The Firm (1993).

Location: The Courthouse
Address: 140 Adams Avenue, Memphis, TN  Memphis Courthouse


Location: Women's Detention Hall
Address: 201 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN  Criminal Justice Center

Location: New Orleans Restaurant
Address: 512 St. Louis Street, New Orleans, LA  Antoine's Restaurant

Location: Clifford David-Odell Federal Building
Address: 167 N Main Street, Memphis, TN

This area was a bit sketchy so I didn't get an exact matching shot...

Location: The Raddison Hotel
Address: 185 Union Avenue, Memphis, TN

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

The Firm (1993)

Mitch McDeere is a hot prospect.  About to graduate from Harvard Law, he is courted by the top firms in the country.  And Bendini, Lambert & Locke from Memphis.  Their bountiful offer lures Mitch and his wife Abby from Beantown to the birthplace of rock 'n' roll.  A new home, a new car and paid off student loans quickly lose their luster as Mitch discovers the firm's shady dealings.  He reluctantly teams up with the FBI to bring the firm down and save himself.

Marc Cohn may go walking in Memphis, but Tom Cruise goes running through it for half of Sydney Pollack's nail biting thriller.  The Firm is the first of nine John Grisham novels to be adapted for the big screen.  The Pelican Brief (1993) quickly followed suit later the same year, with The Client (1994) debuting the following summer.  The Firm was a commercial success, and to date, the largest grossing film based on a John Grisham novel.  Holly Hunter rightfully deserved her Academy Award nomination.  There are some differences in the film vs. the book, which some critics objected to ;-)

The Firm was filmed in Memphis, TN and West Memphis, AK

Location: The Park
Address: Court Square, Memphis, TN

Location: Bendini, Lambert & Locke Law Offices
Address: 2 S. Front Street, Memphis, TN

Location: Beale Street
Address: Beale Street between S 2nd Street & S 3rd Street, Memphis, TN

Location: The Peabody Hotel
Address: 149 Union Avenue, Memphis, TN

Location: The McDeere House
Address: 197 Tuckahoe Lane, Memphis, TN

Location: Lamar & Kay's House
Address: 505 Goodwyn Street, Memphis, TN

Location: The Cemetery
Address: 824 S Dudley Street, Memphis, TN  Elmwood Cemetery

This area is by Audio Tour Stop 46...

Location: Blues City Cafe
Address: 138 Beale Street, Memphis, TN

Location: En Route to Eddie Lomax
Address: E GE Patterson Avenue & S Main Street, Memphis, TN

Location: Devasher Blackmails Mitch
Address: Island Drive, Memphis, TN

Location: The Cotton Exchange Building
Address: 65 Union Avenue, Memphis, TN

Location: The Dog Track
Address: 1550 Ingram Boulevard, West Memphis, AK

Location: Front Street Deli
Address: 77 S. Front Street, Memphis, TN

Location: Abby's School
Address: 1381 West Massey Road, Memphis, TN  Lausanne Collegiate School

Location: Pleasant View Kennels
Address: 1370 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN

Location: Frayser Rexall Drugs
Address: 3060 Thomas Street, Memphis, TN

Location: Mud Island
Address: N Front Street & Adams Avenue, Memphis, TN

Location: Mitch's Marathon
Address: Starting at Jefferson Avenue & N 2nd Street, Memphis, TN

A small location fail - I forgot to stop by here so here is a shot from Google street view...

He then runs past 147 Jefferson Avenue...

Then hangs a right down the alley, which is Maggie H Isabel Street...

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