Friday, August 21, 2020

Waiting For Guffman (1997)

Corky St. Clair has assembled some of Blaine, Missouri's finest thespians for a community theater production of Red, White & Blaine to celebrate the town's 150th anniversary.  Using his connection from his Off-Off-Off-Off-Broadway days, Corky's invited producer Mort Guffman to see the show in hopes of bringing it to The Great White Way.  Weeks of painstaking rehearsals leads to opening night that Guffman ends up missing due to inclement weather in New York.

While Best In Show is my favorite Christopher Guest movie, Waiting For Guffman certainly delivers a standing ovation.  The mockumentary perfectly captures the world of community theater.  Even though filming took place almost twenty-five years ago, little has changed in the town of Lockhart.

Waiting For Guffman was filmed in Lockhart, TX

Location: The Silos
Address: N Pecos Street & Wassa Street, Lockhart, TX

Location: The Theater
Address: 216 S Main Street, Lockhart, TX

Location: Blaine Town Square
Address: 110 S Main Street, Lockhart, TX

Location: The Museum
Address: 215 W San Antonio Street, Lockhart, TX

Location: Corky's Apartment
Address: 101 S Main Street, Lockhart, TX

Just across the street is the town roadblock from The Faculty (1998).

Location: The Travel Agency
Address: 110 E Market Street, Lockhart, TX

Location: The Dairy Queen
Address: 300 S Main Street, Lockhart, TX

Location: The Dentist's Office
Address: 308 S Main Street, Lockhart, TX

Location: Savage Auto Repair
Address: 218 N Main Street, Lockhart, TX

Location: The Library
Address: 217 S Main Street, Lockhart, TX

Location: Libby Mae Brown's House
Address: 527 Ash Street, Lockhart, TX

Location: Ron & Sheila's House 
Address: 1017 Bois D'Arc Street, Lockhart, TX

This is one location that has seen renovations since the movie was filmed.  It is now an assisted living home...

Locations Visited: October 2019

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Sister Kate (1989-1990)

Seven scheming orphans have left many priests wanting to break a few Commandments before running for the hills.  Redemption House had entered its darkest hour.  Then a celestial intervention arrived in the form of Sister Kate.  Her mission: outwit the troublemakers and break their bad habits ;-)

Starring a post-The Colbys Stephanie Beacham and a pre-Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990-2000) Jason Priestly, Sister Kate never had a prayer ;-) of surviving against America's Funniest Home Videos.  Not even a theme song by Queen of Christian Pop Amy Grant could save them from damnation.  Even though the show only lasted one season, it has the distinct honor of being the only sitcom to have 1989's most famous pop duo, Milli Vanilli, guest star before the series' cancellation.  And Milli Vanilli's.

Location: Redemption House
Address: 500 White Hall Shrine Road, Richmond, KY

White Hall was built in the 1700s and was designated a national historic site in 2011...

"Cause the rain don't mind.  And the rain don't care."  Some of the most profound lyrics ever to be lip synched.

Location Visited: July 2020