Saturday, June 24, 2017

Madonna - Cherish (1989)

Madonna's third single from her Like A Prayer album is a light-hearted love song, which made it perfect for a summer release.  Cherish's black and white video, directed by go-to photographer Herb Ritts, is simple in tone compared to the controversial Like A Prayer (1989) and the big-budgeted Express Yourself.  While mermen swim in the ocean, Madonna frolicks on El Matador State Beach smiling and giving us a peak at the twins.  There wasn't much in terms of locations since it's just the beach, but I highly recommend stopping by to experience the breathtaking cliffs and rocks. You'll perish the thought of ever leaving ;-)

Cherish was filmed in Malibu, CA

Location: The Beach
Address: 32350 El Matador State Beach Road, Malibu, CA  

Location Visited: October 2016

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

What's Love Got To Do With It (1993)

It wouldn't be right if Hollywood didn't do a biopic of a rock icon, especially one with a story like Tina Turner's.  Based on her autobiography I, Tina and named after her smash hit What's Love Got To Do With It (1984), the film chronicles her life as she rises to fame with Ike Turner and the tumultuous relationship that ensued.  Several performances were interspersed around the still-difficult-to-watch scenes where Ike beats the hell out the Private Dancer.  The soundtrack included several re-recordings of older songs as well as the single "I Don't Wanna Fight," which became Tina's last top 40 hit.  The Queen of Rock 'n' Roll staged one of the biggest comebacks in music history.  The film ends at the beginning of it, but Tina went on to win a slew of Grammy Awards, co-star with Mel Gibson in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome in addition to breaking concert attendance records, proving she really is The Best.      

What's Love Got To Do With It was filmed in Hollywood, Downey, Inglewood and Los Angeles, CA, St. Louis, MO and Nutbush, TN

Location: The Apollo Theater Interior, New York
Address: 478 W Sixth Street, San Pedro, CA   Warner Grand Theater

Ike and Tina woo the crowd with A Fool In Love inside the Warner Grand Theater...

Location: Ike & Tina's House
Address: 4263 Olympiad Drive, Los Angeles, CA

The address on the house was a nice clue in tracking it down.  This was also Ike and Tina's actual house that they lived in.  Very little has changed since filming and since the 60s...

Location: The Academy Theater
Address: 3100 Manchester Boulevard, Inglewood, CA

When Tina and Ike go six rounds in the limousine, they pass The Academy Theater...

The hotel that they check into bloodied and bruised was The Ambassador Hotel located at 3400 Wilshire Boulevard, which was torn down in 2005.

Location: The Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco
Address: 607 South Park View Street, Los Angeles, CA   Park Plaza Hotel

Tina performs her ass off for future manager Roger Davies in the ballroom. The hotel is now used only for filming...

The Academy Awards ceremony from The Bodyguard (1992) and Julian's short-lived club from Less Than Zero (1987) were also filmed here.

Location: The Ritz Club, New York
Address: 1735 N Vine Street, Hollywood, CA   

Tina bids farewell to Ike and performs What's Love Got To Do With It inside the Avalon Hollywood...

Locations Visited: October 2016

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Philadelphia (1993)

Fact - Philadelphia was the first big-budget film to tackle the topic of AIDS. Fact - Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen both won Academy Awards.           Fact - The opera scene treaded toward overkill.  

Okay, maybe that's just an opinion.  On a cold winter's day back in February, I walked the avenues 'til my legs felt like stone visiting the locations for Philadelphia.  With the recent passing of director Jonathan Demme, I figured it was a good time to do a post on his acclaimed, but at times safe and predictable, film set in the city of brotherly love.   I would've like to have seen Denzel Washington and Neil Young walk away with accolades, but efforts from all involved were stellar.   

Philadelphia was filmed in...wait for it...Philadelphia, PA

Location: Court Hearings
Address: 1401 John F Kennedy Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA  Philadelphia City Hall

It's here that Andrew Beckett and Joe Miller first meet.  It is seen again when Andrew's trial begins...

Location: Action AIDS Center
Address: 1216 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA

Location: Andrew Beckett's Office Building 
Address: 1735 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA

Location: Andy & Miguel's Loft
Address: 700 S 10th Street, Philadelphia, PA

Location: The Emergency Room 
Address: 1419 S 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA

Miguel runs down Gerrit Street before turning onto 4th Street...

Unfortunately the building used at the emergency room has been razed...

Location: Joe Miller's Office Building 
Address: 1901 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

Location: Joe's Deli
Address: 700 S 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA  Famous 4th Street Deli

Location: The Library 
Address: 220 S 34th Street, Philadelphia, PA  

The University of Pennsylvania's Anne & Jerome Fisher Fine Arts Library

Location: The Drug Store
Address: 1700 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA

Clean up in Aisle 1!

Location: The Miller House 
Address: 53 W Tulpejocken Street, Philadelphia, PA

Location: The Stallion Theater 
Address: 2030 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA  Adrienne Theater

Location: The Hospital
Address: 51 M 39th Street, Philadelphia, PA   Penn Presbyterian Medical Center

Still Need To Locate:

The Beckett House

Locations Visited: February 2017