Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Less Than Zero (1987)

I'm probably one of five people on the planet that prefer the movie over the book, and not only prefer it, but love it.  Yes, the characters are vapid but Less Than Zero is just so full of 80s decadence.  Take Alana's Christmas party for example.  The ones I've been to included a tree, some food and maybe some caroling.  Not valet parking, a skating rink, two dozen tv screens capturing the madness.  And while it didn't snow, there was plenty of white stuff going up noses.  The film is visually appealing thanks to scenes like that and Robert Downey Jr. delivers a convincing performance as an unredeemable junkie.  After Die Hard (1988), this is my next favorite non-Christmas movie that takes place during Christmas. 

Less Than Zero was filmed Beverly Hills, Venice, Malibu and Los Angeles, CA

Location: The High School
Address: 12001 Chalon Road, Los Angeles, CA   Mt. Saint Mary's College

Security was tight as Mt. Saint Mary's so I couldn't walk the grounds unfortunately.

Location: Opening Credits Montage

The Beverly Center is located at 8500 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA   The Hard Rock Cafe closed some time in 2006/2007.

Giorgio Armani, now known as Louis Vitton is located at 273 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA

Clay riding in the taxi heads north on North Hillcrest Road, Beverly Hills, CA  camera looking south

Location: Clay's House
Address: 2138 Micheltorena Street, Los Angeles, CA

Luckily this house is under construction so I was able to get a glimpse of it otherwise it just would've been a shot of the driveway.

Location: The Bar
Address: 2025 Pacific Avenue, Venice, CA  The Canal Club

Location: Blair's House
Address: 110 Stone Canyon Road, Beverly Hills, CA

Location: Julian's House
Address: 10425 W Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 

Another gated property, but I was able to get a shot in over the wall.

Blair's Loft Lobby
Address: 2020 N Main Street, Los Angeles, CA

Location: Blair's Loft Exterior
Address: 620 Moulton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

This is located in the artist colony known as The Brewery in downtown Los Angeles, where take cooking classes and right around the corner from the lobby...  

Location: Rip's House
Address: 8424 Grand View Drive, Los Angeles, CA

Yet another secluded property so all I could get was the driveway.

Taken from the aptly named Grand View Drive:

Location: Julian's Club
Address: 607 S Park View Street, Los Angeles, CA   The Park Plaza Hotel

This was closed for filming, so I couldn't get inside unfortunately.

This location was also used as the Academy Awards location in The Bodyguard (1992) and Ludwig's Office in The Naked Gun (1988)

Location: Clay & Blair Search for Julian
Address: Cliffside Drive & Birdview Avenue, Malibu, CA

Thanks to Geoff at filming.90210locations.info for finding this location.

Location: The Beach
Address: 35000 W Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA    Leo Carrillo State Beach

This popular location was also used in Grease (1978), The Karate Kid (1984) and Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990-2000)

Location: Clay & Blair Drive Thru Tunnel
Address: Kanan Dume Road, Malibu, CA

Locations Visited: March 2016, February 2022


  1. Nice work, it's fun to visit that 'world' even if by proxy.

  2. Rip's house is on Grand View Drive? I live roughly 15 homes away for that house on that very same street though we only built and moved here 20yrs ago. People in our area (Or LA for that matter)are very private and or keep to themselves we only know our immediate neighbors for example. Many homes here are not all that visible from the street like you found out. Thanks for this when watching the film I always thought it was a cool house for a highschool kid surprised to find out its just up the street a way. I always thought its in some uber rich area.

    1. Oh wow. Well, maybe they'll have a neighborhood party and you can get to see the inside. Or at least keep an eye open for when there's an open house. :-)

  3. What about the two clubs at the beginning of the film?

    1. Both clubs were filmed within the Park Plaza Hotel.

  4. After some thorough research I believe I have uncovered the location of Alana's house (9904 Kip Dr, Los Angeles). However, that house was unfortunately demolished in the 1990's and replaced with a new house, which has made finding photos difficult.

    It doesn't look like any location sites have this one so it could be a first.

    1. Hey Paul, your thorough research never ceases to amaze me. Wow! I'm sorry to hear the house is no longer, though I imagine access to it would've been difficult as with a few other locations from this movie.

  5. 1 of the clubs is the Scream Club which used to b in LA

  6. Park Plaza hotel is the location of Father Figure video as well

    1. The runway scenes? I didn't know that, thanks. Currently working on some of the DTLA spots.