Friday, April 15, 2016

Die Hard (1988)

Watching John McClane's pristine white wifebeater gradually turn black has been a Christmas tradition for years.  Die Hard leads the list of my movies-that-take-place-during-Christmas but-are-not-Christmas-movies marathon including Less Than Zero (1987), Gremlins (1984), and Die Hard 2.  It's simply one of the best action movies ever made and Hans Gruber is one of the best villains.  A strong supporting cast, explosions galore and witty one-liners make it a nonstop roller coaster.  Yippee Ki Yay Motherf*#@er!

Die Hard was filmed in Los Angeles, CA

Location: The Airport
Address: Tom Bradley International Terminal - LAX, Los Angeles, CA

The luggage belt is now on the left but the stairs are still there.

Location: John & Argyle En Route to Nakatomi
Address: Olympic Boulevard & Balsam Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

You can see this iron gate and stone wall briefly as they pass by in the limo.

You can see the lighting pole and cover to the lighting box when the limo rounds the bend.

Location: Nakatomi Plaza
Address: 2121 Avenue of The Stars, Los Angeles, CA    Fox Plaza Building

Location: Hans and Crew En Route to Nakatomi Plaza
Address: Heading east on Santa Monica Boulevard toward Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA

The truck turns right onto Avenue of the Stars.

McDonald's is still serving billions and billions.

Location: The Fire Trucks Turn Around
Address: 10333 W Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

They flip a bitch just as they reach Ralphs supermarket.

Location: The Gas Station
Address: 10350 W Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

This is right around the bend from the main entrance to Nakatomi Plaza:

Future site of a Fox Studios parking garage:

The helicopters fly over Avenue of the Stars:

This garage is directly across from where the other one now stands:

Locations Visited: March 2016

Still Need to Locate:

The McClain House

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