Friday, April 15, 2016

Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

Most say Godfather Part II.  I say Terminator 2.  Arnold Schwarzenegger said he'd be back and he wasn't kidding, although this time as a protector.  While most sequels are usually watered down, T2 delivers on all fronts - the incredible Oscar-winning visual effects, the non-stop action, the score, cinematography, even Arnold's acting.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day was filmed in Winnetka, Panorama City, Northridge, Burbank, Sylmar, Santa Monica, Freemont and Los Angeles, CA

Location: T-1000 Arrives
Address: 600 Mesquit Street, Los Angeles, CA

Location: Todd & Janelle's House
Address: 19828 Valerio Street, Winnetka, CA

Location: Pescadero State Hospital
Address: 11600 Eldridge Avenue, Sylmar, CA  Phoenix Academy

Location: The ATM
Address: 14400 Roscoe Boulevard, Panorama City, CA

The former bank is now a medical clinic, but the overall structure of the building appears the same.

Location: The Mall Parking Lot
Address: 395 Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica, CA  Santa Monica Place

Garage 8, Stair F, Level 2

Location: The Mall Exterior
Address: 9301 Tampa Avenue, Northridge, CA  Northridge Mall

Location: LA River Chase

The Terminator starts following John at Plummer Street/Hayvenhurst Avenue in Northridge at Bull Creek Wash

John takes a left 9572 Wilbur Avenue, Northridge, CA

The Terminator sees John being chased by the truck at 2037 Morgan Avenue, Burbank, CA

Location: John Talks to the Terminator
Address: Wakefield Avenue between Burton Street and Roscoe Boulevard, Panorama City, CA

Location: The Liquor Store
Address: 11844 Foothill Boulevard, Sylmar, CA

Location: Miles Dyson's House
Address: 30065 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA

Locations Visited: March 2016, October 2016

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