Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Spaceballs (1987)


President Skroob has used up all the air on planet Spaceballs.  He hatches a plan to kidnap Princess Vespa on the planet Druidia and use her as ransom to obtain their air.  Vespa is whisked away by Dark Helmut escaping her wedding along with her droid companion Dot.  Vespa's father, King Rowland, calls upon Mercenary Lone Starr and his half man/half dog companion Barf to rescue the princess for a hefty reward.  After a game of cat and mouse, Lone Starr uses The Schwartz in a battle against Dark Helmut, ultimately defeating him, which leads to the destruction of the Spaceballs One ship.  It is later revealed Lone Star is a prince and he returns to Druidia to marry Vespa.

Parody guru Mel Brooks delivers enough laughs to fill the galaxy in his hilarious send up of the Star Wars trilogy in addition to a few other sci-fi classics.  Spaceballs was only a modest hit upon release but has since become a cult classic.  While not considered to be one of Brooks' best, I find the film to be hilarious, even though I've never fully seen any Star Wars film.

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