Friday, March 24, 2017

St. Elmo's Fire (1985)

St. Elmo's Fire took a lot of heat ;-) from critics for assembling seven of the most loathsome, self-indulgent characters committed to celluloid.  But what a better time for them to ignite ;-) the big screen than in the decade of greed and excess.  Most of The Breakfast Club (1985) cast reunite along with a few other Brat Pack members to deal with a time in life that everyone can relate to - entering the real world.  Each has their own little post-grad scenario, some more outlandish than others (like trying to freeze to death in 40 degree weather), but no matter how hectic life gets, there's always time to knock back a few at St. Elmo's Bar.  Amidst the betrayals, disappointments and worries, these seven friends see each other through to a new horizon. ;-) 

I don't care what critics say, St. Elmo's Fire is a classic!  With moments like Billy's sax wailing (Let's Rock!),  Leslie and Alec's record album separation, Jules' 40 degree suicide attempt, Mrs. Beamish's stage whispers, and of course, Naomi, how can you not like this movie?  In addition, David Foster's love theme and John Parr's pop perfection that is St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion) certainly add fuel to the fire. ;-)  Buggala, bug gala, buggala! Ha! Ha! Ha!

St. Elmo's Fire was filmed in College Park, MD, the Georgetown area of Washington, DC and Universal City, CA

Location: Georgetown University
Address: University of Maryland - Fraternity Row, Washington, DC

The University of Maryland filled in for Georgetown University, who objected to some of the material in the script.

This area is seen later on when Billy visits his old fraternity.  They come out of house #4.  I don't know if it was the same one used in the opening credits.

This area was also sorority row in The House on Sorority Row (1983)  

Location: Georgetown Establishing Shot
Address: Wisconsin Avenue & Prospect Street, Washington, DC

Location: Georgetown Theater
Address: 1351 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, DC

Location: St. Elmo's Bar Exterior
Address: Universal Studios Backlot - Courthouse Square, Universal City, CA

11/4/17 - I didn't realize it at the time, but I recently discovered the exterior for St. Elmo's Bar was filmed on the Universal Studios Backlot.  Unfortunately the tram didn't go down the road, so this photo is from a distance.  You can get a glimpse of where St. Elmo's Bar was behind the tree on the left where the white truck is.  To the right of it is a building with three arches.  This area was destroyed by a fire back in 2008, but the rebuilt structures still look somewhat similar to what was standing there before...

Location: St. Elmo's Bar Interior
Address: 1226 36th Street NW, Washington, DC  The Tombs

The interior of St. Elmo's Bar was not actually shot here, but it was modeled after The Tombs watering hole...

Location: Chesapeake & Ohio Canal
Address: M Street & Thomas Jefferson Street, Washington, DC

Looking west on Thomas Jefferson Street...

Location: Leslie & Wendy Stroll
Address: Between 31st Street NW & Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, DC

Just down from the establishing shot of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal is where Wendy talks to Leslie about her Billy addiction.

Location: The Antique Shop
Address: 3214 O Street NW, Washington, DC

Location: Wendy & Jules' Shop
Address: 3216 O Street NW, Washington, DC

Right next door is where Jules gets ogled by a bunch of guys as she leaves the shop with Wendy.

Location: Alec & Billy's Restaurant
Address: 1218 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington, DC

Billy, on his never-ending quest to get laid, puts on the charm outside this joint.

Location: Fluff And Fold Laundry
Address: 2414 18th Street NW, Washington, DC

I'm not entirely sure about this one, but I googled the 2429 address seen outside the Fluff And Fold laundry, which led me to 18th Street.  The buildings don't quote match up, but it has been over thirty years so it is a possibility.  If anyone has an info contrary to this, please let me know.

Location: Dale Biberman's Apartment
Address: 3005 P Street NW, Washington, DC

Dale Biberman, Kirbo's odd-as-hell obsession with the personality of a dial tone, resided here along with her deadpan roomie.

Location: Dale's Cocktail Party House
Address: 3053 P Street NW, Washington, DC

Locations Visited: March 2016, February 2017

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