Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mannequin (1987)

Upon first viewing, Mannequin may seem like an SNL sketch turned movie. But any dummy ;-) can see that it's a cult classic that only the decade of excess could bring us.  Emmy is an Egyptian princess reincarnated as a department store mannequin in modern day Philadelphia.  Her maker: down-on-his-luck artist Jonathan Switcher.   She comes alive only when they are alone, and together, they bring to life the most spectacular window displays that make the Saks Fifth Avenue ones look like amateur hour. Their creations turn the failing business into the hottest ticket in The City of Brotherly Love, despite the efforts of a rival department store and some bumbling evil-doers.  The Oscar nominated (yes, you read that right) film concludes as Jonathan and Emmy outdo all previous window displays with their exchanging of vows.  Mannequin has all the parts ;-) to make it an 80's classic - a montage, a hit theme song, a Golden Girl, a Designing Man on fire and James Spader in one of his most demanding roles.  It also had a resolved ending, so no need for Mannequin Two: On The Move... To The Nearest Theater Exit.

Mannequin was filmed in Philadelphia and Camp Hill, PA

Location: Establishing Shot of Philadelphia
Address: 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia    Philadelphia Museum of Art

These 72 iconic stone steps were seen in Rocky (1976).  And while I'm not a huge fan of that franchise (I know, I know), I did make the trek...

Location: Jonathan Creates Emmy
Address: 1021 Callowhill Street, Philadelphia, PA

This location was not previously known but the Naythons sign was a nice clue.  It's a display fixture company that now resides at 919 Wallace Street. 

Location: Napoli's Pizza
Address: 944 E Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

I can see why Napoli's Pizza has been serving Philly for over 50 years. Their pizza is magnifique, and that's coming from a New Yorker.  Although the inside seems to have undergone many changes, you can see this building entrance with the awning in the background as Jonathan creates a delectable pie that's almost too pretty to eat.

The decor made it feel just like 1987 again...

Location: Roxy Ditches Jonathan
Address: near 2030 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA

I'm not entirely sure about this location.  You can see Essene Market in the background, which used to be located at 2030 Sansom Street.

Location: Prince & Company
Address: 1313 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA  

Most of the action takes place at Prince & Company, both interiors and exteriors.  It is now a Macy's, but it used to be John Wanamaker's flagship store.  It was first department store in Philadelphia and one of the first in the United States.

Jonathan first lays his eyes on Emmy traveling down Chestnut Street.  You can see the grate and manhole cover are still there...

After he gets back on his bike, he then turns onto S. Juniper Street...

The "hanging" of the sign and where Jonathan meets Mrs. Timkin occurs on Market Street...

Philadelphia City Hall can be seen in the background...

The former dressing room area is located on the third floor by gift wrapping...

Today's mannequin's ain't got the same soul...

The tennis/homeless guy window is located on Market Street.  The grates are still there...

I couldn't locate the exact staircase during the montage.  Several are closed off or lead to employee only sections.  But this gives you an idea...

This area is seen again later when Emmy "flies"...

Fortunately I was able to catch one of the organ shows...

The gray mark on the marble was a nice indicator of which counter was used during the montage...

The "catching the bus" window is located on the corner of Market Street and S 13th Street...

I always thought that the sketch artist was Carol Burnett's daughter, Carrie Hamilton, but apparently I was wrong...

When Jonathan takes Emmy for a ride around town, they are on E Penn Square.  You can see City Hall in the background...

The wedding ceremony window, which is now a Starbucks, is located on the corner of Chestnut Street & S 13th Street... 

Location: Roxy's Apartment Building
Address: 226 Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA   The Dorchester

Ay, Roxie, you look foxy!  Can I ride you?

Location: Jonathan's Apartment
Address: 301 South Chadwick Street, Philadelphia, PA

Location: Chez Jacques
Address: 1405 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA  Estia

Locations Visited: February 2017


  1. Thanks! This is a great work to us, Mannequin fans. Regards fron Guatemala, Central America!

  2. This was wonderful to view! Now I know where to look the next time I'm in the area!

    1. Thanks Dawn! I hope you get to visit the locations soon!

  3. wow! thanks for this! i just seen the movie again after so long was curious to see the locations , so glad stumbled upon this😊

  4. One of best location finds I have seen... Thanks...

  5. I'm such a HUGE fan of the movie mannequin!! My uncle even found me a VHS version!! I will literally watch the movie anytime I can. This is awesome that you were able to show so many spots in the movie where things take place! I actually think if I'm not mistaken around Christmas time you can watch a light show in the "Prince and Company" building, they do a little display, and play music from some of the Christmas songs. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!! Awesome job ❤️

    1. Thanks so much for the kinds words. Mannequin is a movie I'll watch any time it's on. That light show sounds cool. I'll have to get to Philly around Christmastime at some point.

  6. Excelente trabajo, yo mismo buscaba las ubicaciones en google maps pero, no encontraba ni una sola. Gracias por tu inmenso trabajo.

    1. Muchas gracias! Gracias por su visita!

    2. I want to this macy's today it was amazing big fan of mannequin movie