Sunday, December 18, 2016

Adventures In Babysitting (1987)

Chris Parker joins the ranks of Laurie Strode as one of Hollywood's most popular child supervisors.  And girls like her come along once in a lifetime.  She finds herself babysitting after her boyfriend bails on their anniversary dinner.  Chris' good deed of rescuing her flaky friend Brenda from downtown Chicago with kids in tow turns into a high octane evening of thrill rides as they balance on the rafters, play third party to a gang fight and sing the blues.   I saw Adventures In Babysitting in the theater about a dozen times.  My laughter intensified with each viewing, as well as my crush on Elisabeth Shue.  As a kid, I wished I would get a night like Brad, Daryl and Sara experienced.  Unfortunately my biggest adventure was trying to wrestle the cable box away from my babysitter to watch NBC's Saturday Night line up.  Don't f!ck with the babysitter indeed.

Babysitting Trivia: Halloween (1978) producer Debra Hill also produced this film.  When Chris gets the frantic call from Brenda you can see the movie playing in the background.    

Adventures In Babysitting was filmed in Chicago, IL and Toronto, Canada

Location: The Tire Blow Out
Address: Dan Ryan Expressway between Monroe & Madison Street, Chicago, IL

Location: The Bus Station
Address: 20 E Randolph Street, Chicago, IL

The bus station is now a shopping center...

Location: Walking Toward Party Building
Address: N Canal Street & W Fulton Street, Chicago, IL

Mostly a superimposed shot...

Location: Bad Guys Chase Chris & The Kids 
Address: N Post Place & W Lake Street, Chicago, IL

Location: Stairs To El Station
Address: 150 N Wells Street, Chicago, IL

The stairs and station are no longer there...

Location: Driving Underground
Address: N La Salle Drive & W Kinzie Street, Chicago, IL

Location: The Anderson Party Building
Address: 150 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Home Alone (1990)

Eight-year-old Kevin McCallister accidentally gets left behind by his family as they embark on their Christmas vacation and must defend himself against two Grinches.  On Christmas Eve, he rigs his family's sweet pad with creative, and sometimes deadly, booby traps in hopes of catching The Wet Bandits.   While waiting in line for Home Alone, I knew what it must of felt like for moviegoers when Jaws (1975) was released.  The line was around the block.  The audience went wild.  I had yet to have a movie going experience like it.   Home Alone was a huge box office success and Macaulay Culkin warmed the hearts of millions, even those with one the size of Uncle Frank's. 

Home Alone was filmed in Winnetka, Wilmette, Chicago, Highland Park and Oak Park, IL

Location: The McCallister House
Address: 671 Lincoln Avenue, Winnetka, IL

Location: The Airport
Address: Chicago/O'Hare International Airport - Terminal 3, Chicago, IL

Location: Numba Six Sixty-Four
Address: 664 Lincoln Avenue, Winnetka, IL

Location: Numba Six Seventy-Two
Address: 672 Lincoln Avenue, Winnetka, IL

Location: The Drug Store
Address: 940 Green Bay Road, Winnetka, IL

Location: The Cop Chases Kevin
Address: Hubbard Woods Park, Winnetka, IL

Location: The Railroad Track Bridge
Address: 1065 Gage Street, Winnetka, IL

Location: The Murphy House
Address: 656 Lincoln Avenue, Winnetka, IL

Could it be The Wet Bandits?

Location: The Church Exterior
Address: 1024 West Lake Avenue, Wilmette, IL  Trinity Methodist Church

A different church was used for the interior but here's what the inside looks like...

Location: The Supermarket
Address: 606 Green Bay Road, Winnetka, IL  Grand Food Center

Location: Kevin Visits Santa Claus
Address: 810 Chestnut Court, Winnetka, IL

Location: Kevin Sees Happy Family
Address: 306 Laurel Avenue, Highland Park, IL

Location: The Church Interior
Address: 924 Lake Street, Oak Park, IL  Grace Episcopal Church

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