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Halloween (1978)

My all time favorite movie.  Light on gore, heavy on suspense, an amazing score, a terrifying mask… The list goes on and on and on.  I lost a lot of sleep as a kid thanks to Halloween.  The first time I watched it was in 1987 when I was 9.  I remember the eerie shot of the mask in a TV Guide ad.  Some of my friends had already seen it and talked about how scary it was, so I decided to tune in.  I think I finally slept through the night around Christmas.  Not having learned my lesson, I tuned in again the following year and watched Halloween II (1981) and saw a parade of commercials for Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988).  I think I finally slept through the night around Easter.  Thus began my obsession.

Fast forward to Christmas 1993.  I was at the mall to use my Macy's gift certificate. I wandered into the music & movie section (yes, they used to have those) and saw a VHS copy of Halloween.  A beam of light shined down upon it just like when Clark spots The Griswold Family Christmas tree in Christmas Vacation (1989).  I grabbed it and raced home to watch it entirely with my eyes open.  That winter was a particularly bad one and I had about fifteen snow days, all spent watching Halloween on repeat.  I could recite line by line by the time the spring equinox came around.  It wasn't until Scream (1996) came out three years later did I realize I actually had the TV version that was accidentally released.  When Randy pauses the movie as Michael Myers raises the knife to stab Bob, I was perplexed.  That wasn't in my version!  I worked at Blockbuster Video in college so I brought it home to finally see the movie as it was meant to be seen.

As a Television Production major, I got to spend a semester in LA.  After doing some research on Alta Vista and Excite, I found the addresses for The Myers, Strode, Doyle and Wallace houses and Nichols Hardware.  After arriving in The City of Angels in January 1999, I grabbed my Thomas Guide and headed straight to South Pasadena.  Over the years new locations were discovered thanks to conventions and other loyal fans.  In 2002, I had the privilege of working on AMC's series Backstory, which did an hour special on Halloween.  I got to meet John Carpenter, Debra Hill and several of the cast.  It was a Halloween fan's wet dream. A year later Achor Bay added 30 minutes of unused footage and it became the Cut Above The Rest documentary on the 25th Anniversary DVD.

Halloween was shot in South Pasadena, Sierra Madre, Alhambra, Burbank, City of Industry and West Hollywood, CA

Location: The Myers House
Address: 1000 Mission St, South Pasadena, CA

Some of these shots are from 1999 before work began on the LA Metro.  Most fans know by now the original location was just up the street.  All those houses were torn down and a vacant lot remained for a while before condominiums were built. But the Myers house was saved in the nick of time and moved down to the corner.  It now houses small office spaces.


October 31, 2000




I think I'd just leave it under the mat...

Here is the former site of the Myers house -      709 Meridian Ave, S. Pasadena, CA   It is across from 720 Meridian, which is two houses down from the Elrod House in Halloween II (1981)...

The opening shot:

Location: Drive to Smith's Grove
Address: Lake Hollywood Dr (off Barham Blvd) Burbank, CA



Location: Haddonfield Establishing Shot
Address: Corner of Oxley and Montrose Ave, South Pasadena, CA

Most fans already know Haddonfield was named after Debra Hill's hometown of Haddonfield, New Jersey.  On my way to the 2005 Monstermania Convention in Cherry Hill, NJ, I passed an exit sign for it...  

Interestingly enough, it's about eight miles from Voorhees Township...

Location: The Strode House
Address: 1115 Oxley St, South Pasadena, CA




The house is seen again later when Laurie comes home from school and hears a strange noise...

The owners of this house are very welcoming to fans.  No "get off my lawn!" here.  They even provide a plastic pumpkin if you want to take a picture on the stoop...

Location: Walk to the Myers House
Address: Magnolia St, turning south on Meridian, South Pasadena, CA

Tommy meets up with Laurie.

Location: Haddonfield Elementary
Address: 110 W McLean St, Alhambra, CA

The interior was used for Laurie's high school classroom to the right of the front door.

Location: Loomis calls Haddonfield Police
Address: Brea Canyon & Old Ranch Road (near Valley Blvd), City of Industry, CA

This area has been built up considerably since the movie.

Location: Haddonfield High School
Address: 1401 Fremont Ave, South Pasadena, CA

This school was completely renovated in the early 2000s.  For some reason I never took a picture of it back then.  Totally stupid of me.  Here's what it looks like today.  Laurie and Lynda exit from the left.

Even though the whole school was gutted, the stairs are still there.



Location: Walk home from school
Address: Highland St (turning from Fairview), South Pasadena, CA

The girls stop in front of this house.

Location: Lynda's House
Address: 1027 Montrose Ave, South Pasadena, CA

The girls head north on Montrose...

Lynda's house was also used as Thelma's house from Mama's Family (1983-1990) 

Location: The Hedge
Address: 1019 Montrose Ave, South Pasadena, CA



Location: Annie's House
Address: 1017 Montrose Ave, South Pasadena, CA

Location: Annie picks Laurie up
Address: 1115 Oxley St, South Pasadena, CA




Laurie turns to the right and sees a few kids trick or treating.

She then turns to the left and is actually looking at the intersection of N Genesee Avenue and De Longpre in West Hollywood, not far from the babysitting houses.  The house Loomis is in front of when he spots The Shape's car is also on that street.

Location: Haddonfield Cemetery

Address: 601 E Sierra Madre Blvd, Sierra Madre, CA

This was also seen on Melrose Place (1992-1999) where Jake and Jess' mother was buried.

Location: The Drive Pre-Hardware Store
Address: Cynthia St starting at N. Hidalgo Ave, Alhambra, CA

The Shape turns in from N. Almansor St.

You can see the road curves a few times in the background.

Location: Nichols Hardware Store
Address: 966 Mission St, South Pasadena, CA

Annie's car approaches on Meridian between El Centro & Mission Street...





Location: The Drive Post-Hardware Store
Address: Left off of S Parish Place onto Parkside Ave, Burbank, CA, then turn north on S Keystone St.

Thanks to Robert at for finding this location...

Location: The Doyle House
Address: 1530 N Orange Grove Ave, West Hollywood, CA




Location: The Wallace House Exterior
Address: 1537 N Orange Grove Ave, West Hollywood, CA  

This house was renovated some time in the early 2000's.  Unlike Haddonfield High, I did take pictures back in '99.



The interior of the Wallace House was filmed at 1542 N Orange Grove Ave, West Hollywood, CA, just a few houses down from The Doyle House.  The garage and laundry room were filmed here as well.  The exterior of the house makes an appearance in Halloween II (1981) when Loomis and Brackett search for Michael Myers.

The garage

A glimpse of the laundry room

Location: The No-Help Neighbor
Address: 1533 N Orange Grove Ave, West Hollywood, CA

Location: Loomis Spots The Station Wagon
Address: 1351 N Genesee Avenue, West Hollywood

This street is seen again when he's wandering the streets and Sheriff Brackett pulls up to him...

Locations Visited: January 1999, October 2000, October 2003, October 2008, October 2013, March 2016  

Over the years I've attended several conventions and got to meet several of the cast and crew...

John Carpenter (Director)

Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie)

Nancy Loomis (Annie)

P.J. Soles (Lynda)

John Michael Graham (Bob)

Brian Andrews (Tommy)

Charles Cyphers (Sheriff Brackett)

Nancy Stephens (Nurse Marion)

Sandy Johnson (Judith Myers)

David Kyle (Judith's One Minute Man)

Will Sandin (Michal Myers, Age 6)


  1. Great additions, thanks for sharing.

    Just a quick one on the building at Lodi Place, I think this was only used for Smith’s Grove in Halloween II. I think the TV scenes from Halloween were filmed somewhere on the West Los Angeles Veterans campus. See post 205 from the OHMB locations thread.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks, Mr. H! I assumed it was the same location since the tv scenes were shot around the time Halloween II was filmed but you haven't steered us wrong yet so I will make the correction.