Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Cast Away (2000)

Fed Ex systems analyst Chuck Noland spends his days streamlining the delivery mogul's depots.  A work call tears him away from Christmas Eve dinner and onto a flight to Malaysia.  A major storm takes down the plane and Chuck washes ashore of an uncharted desert isle.  (Where's Rudolph when you need him?)  Chuck hones his survival skills mustering up food and shelter and passing the time with his friend Wilson.  Unable to stomach coconut water any longer (can you blame him?), he builds a raft to escape back to civilization.  

Watching seven castaways on a twenty-two minute episode of Gilligan's Island (1964-1967) is one thing, but I had reservations about seeing a 2+ hour drama about someone being stranded alone on an island.  I'm not sure too many actors could engage an audience for that scenario but Tom Hanks makes the short list.  He also proves weight loss is not impossible as he whittled away during the year-long filming hiatus.  The tribe, er, critics have spoken with mostly positive reviews and Hanks earned an Oscar nom for his captivating performance.

Canadian and Mobeetie, TX, Memphis, TN USA, Moscow, Russia and Monuriki, Fiji

Location: Kelly Frears' House
Address: 74 Devon Way, Memphis, TN

Location Visited: June 2020

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Doubt (2008)

In 1964, Sister Aloysius rules the roost at St. Nicholas School in the The Bronx.  She is highly suspicious of Father Flynn and his interactions with student and altar boy Donald Miller.  Her concerns put Sister James on alert but falls on deaf ears with Donald's mother.  Sister Aloysius calls for Father Flynn's resignation, claiming to have contacted a his previous parish, who confirmed her suspicions, which is later revealed to having never taken place.  He is transferred to another parish and Sister Aloysius believes his resignation confirms his guilt, though she does have doubts.

I was curious to see the film after I missed the 2004 Tony Award-winning Broadway play and unlike Sister Aloysius, I had little doubt ;-) I'd enjoy this movie.  As this was parents' school experience, having attended Catholic school in The Bronx.  I later would have the same schooling during my elementary and high school days with the last vestiges of the nuns who ruled with an iron fist... and wooden rulers!  As an altar boy, I made it through unscathed even though I may have snuck a sip of wine and ate more than my share of unblessed hosts.  Doubt was highly praised upon release, particularly for its stellar cast.  All four lead actors received Academy Award nominations.  Meryl Streep alone has more Academy Award nominations than there are commandments!

Doubt was filmed in The Bronx and New York, NY

Location: Jimmy Hurley's Apartment Building
Address: 1512 Beach Avenue, Bronx, NY

Location: Jake's Candy Shop
Address: 1501 St. Lawrence Avenue, Bronx, NY

Location: St. Nicholas Church
Address: 838 E 165th Street, Bronx, NY  St. Augustine Presbyterian Church 

Location: St. Nicholas School
Address: 1750 Mansion Street, Bronx, NY  St. Anthony's Catholic School

Location: The Church Garden
Address: 487 Hudson Street, New York, NY  St. Luke in the Fields

The garden was not open when I stopped by, but I was able to grab a few shots from the sidewalk...

Locations Visited: January 2020