Saturday, May 22, 2021

Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach (1988)


Commandant Eric Lassard is forced into retirement but not before one last hurrah in Miami with his wacky group of law enforcers.  There, he gets mixed up with some bumbling jewel thieves while being honored as Police Officer of the Decade.  Hightower, Tackleberry, Callahan and the others come to Lassard's rescue after he is kidnapped in the Everglades.  A happy ending had by all, especially when Commissioner Hurst extends Lassard's reign.

I'm probably most definitely in the minority, but Police Academy 5 is my favorite of the franchise.  Maybe because it's so 80s-looking, maybe because it came out around the time of the cartoon, maybe because of the Jaws (1975) spoof.  After the success of Three Men and a Baby (1987), I guess Steve Guttenberg deemed himself too worthy of starring in another Police Academy sequel, thus the creation of Eric Lassard's nephew, Nick.  I didn't miss him as Rene Auberjonois of Benson (1979-1986) fame steals every scene he's in.  Blown to bits by the critics ;-), the fourth sequel still managed a #1 debut at the box office, indicating that movies audiences would be under siege for further sequels ;-)   

Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach was filmed in Miami, FL

Location: Museum of Fine Art
Address: 400 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL

Location: The Fountainbleau Hotel
Address: 4441 Collins Avenue, Miami, FL

One of Miami's most famous hotels, The Fountainbleu Hotel is also a famous filming location.  Not being a guest; however, granted me limited access...

This popular filming location was also used in Scarface (1983) and The Bodyguard (1992).

Location: The Versailles Hotel
Address: 3425 Collins Avenue, Miami, FL

The police academy seen at the beginning and end of the movie was filmed at the old South Beach Elementary School at 1050 4th Street in Miami Beach, which has since been demolished.  Thanks to Paul H at Halloween Filming Locations for that information.

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Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Golden Palace (1992-1993)


After Dorothy Zbornack flies the coop, the remaining Golden Girls decide to buy a hotel on Miami Beach that has almost the same amount employees as the Bates Motel.  They immediately get their feet wet performing tasks around their new investment.  And you will see the biggest gift will be a mint on the pillow.

The Golden Palace is a textbook example for Hollywood not leaving well enough alone.  The Golden Girls (1985-1992) was sheer tv genius and should've ended when it ended.  At least NBC knew the Florida oranges have been squeezed and the show found a home at CBS to join their elderly TGIF lineup.  General consensus was it just wasn't the same without Bea Arthur, who is my favorite Golden Girl, and the series was canceled after just one season.

Location: The Golden Palace Hotel
Address: 1250 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL

The art deco Carlyle Hotel has been seen in numerous productions such as Miami Vice (1984-1989)The Birdcage (1996) and Scarface (1983).

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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Caddyshack (1980)

To pursue a higher education, Danny Noonan caddies at the prestigious Bushwood Country Club, interacting with its eclectic members and guests.  Perhaps the most eclectic is groundskeeper Carl, who spends his days trying to get rid of a menacing gopher.  Caddyshack earned well above par, raking in almost 40 million dollars on a 3 million budget.  The script could've used a mulligan as it veers from the fairway a bit too often ;-)  Apparently the amount of cocaine used while filming could've filled a sand trap.  Over time, the film has become more favorable with critics and viewers.  Kenny Loggins begins his ascension to King of the Movie Soundtracks with the top ten hit I'm Alright. 

Caddyshack was filmed in Davie, Key Biscayne and Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Los Angeles, CA

Location: Bushwood Country Club
Address: 3201 West Rolling Hills Circle, Davie, FL  Grande Oaks Golf Club

A two-story addition was added to make the clubhouse appear larger than it actually was.  The dining room scene was filmed at The Boca Raton Hotel...

Location: Rolling Lake Yacht Club
Address: 3201 Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne, FL   Rusty Pelican

Location: Judge Smails' House
Address: 4531 NE 25th Street, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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