Thursday, June 2, 2016

Christmas Vacation (1989)

One of the greatest Christmas movies of all time, if not the greatest.  The Griswolds are back and better than ever after their craptastic European vacation.  The holidays are fast approaching and this year The Griswolds are staying home for a big old-fashioned Christmas as they open their doors to their extended family... and a mischievous squirrel.  There was hardly a silent night during their holiday misfortunes.  While it is filled with hilarious scenes and funny quotes, this quintessential holiday film also makes you ponder some deep questions like 'What is the real meaning of Christmas?' and 'Have you checked your shitters?'

Christmas Vacation was filmed in Glendale, Burbank and Los Angeles, CA, Breckenridge, CO and Chicago, IL

Location: Clark's Office Building
Address: 69 W Washington Street, Chicago, IL

The Christmas Tree is front of 77 W Washington Street...

Location: The Chicago Water Tower
Address: 806 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL

Location: Lord & Taylor
Address: 835 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL  

It is now a Macy's...

Location: Marshall Field & Company Building
Address: 111 N State Street, Chicago, IL

An actual shot of the interior used as b-roll...

Location: Marshall Field's Interior
Address: 3050 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA  Bullocks Wilshire

The old Bullocks Wilshire Department store filled in for Marshall Field's.  It closed it's doors in 1993 and now is part of Southwestern Law School.

Location: Mr. Shirley's Office Building
Address: 875 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL  John Hancock Center

Location: Mr. Shirley's Mansion
Address: 727 W Kenneth Road, Glendale, CA

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  1. The John Hancock Center, I think is where Poltergeist 3 was filmed at too.

    1. Yes, it was the building from Poltergeist III.

  2. Replies
    1. It's on the Warner Ranch lot. It was also Kevin Spacey & Annette Benning's house in American Beauty.