Sunday, June 5, 2016

E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

The friendship between a boy and an extraterrestrial became the highest grossing film of the 1980s.  E.T. is accidentally left behind on Earth and must find his way home with the help of Elliott, his siblings and a Speak & Spell before anyone finds out.  In one of the worst decisions in advertising history, Mars Candy forbid their M&M's to be used in the film.  Instead, Hershey's Reese's Pieces were used and their subsequent sales were out of this world. ;-)  Despite it's massive success, E.T. was one of the worst decisions in video game history.  A lame idea and massive overproduction lead to cartridge burials in a New Mexico landfill and partial blame for the video game crash.

E.T. was filmed in Tujunga, Porter Ranch, Granada Hills and Crescent City, CA

Location: Elliott's House
Address: 7121 Lonzo Drive, Tujunga, CA



Not a bad view...

Location: The Bus Stop
Address: NW Corner of Capistrano Lane & Vista Grand Way, Porter Ranch, CA

Location: Trick or Treating
Address: Granada Circle & Killimore Avenue, Porter Ranch, CA

They walk south on Granada Circle.

Location: The Blue Car Follows Michael
Address: SW on Killimore Avenue, turning left onto Viking Avenue, Porter Ranch, CA

Location: The Bubble Breaks Free
Address: Right onto Killimore Avenue from Granada Circle, Porter Ranch, CA

Location: The Playground
Address: Reseda Boulevard & Sesnon Boulevard, Porter Ranch, CA

Location: The Police Start Chasing the Bikes
Address: Turning Right on Killimore Avenue from Calle Vista Circle, Porter Ranch, CA

Location: The Bikes Take Flight
Address: White Oak Avenue and Tulsa Street, Granada Hills, CA

They head north on White Oak Avenue...

Locations Visited: November 2003, March 2016, October 2016

The ride at Universal Studios.  R.I.P...

Still Need To Visit:

The Toilet Papered House
Additional Police Chase Locations
Elementary School


  1. Great work. Hoave you worked out were the building site was that the chase went through?

    1. Thanks! That was up in Porter Ranch as well on Eddelston Drive. I didn't get a chance to get up there last month but I hope to make it there again on my next trek.