Sunday, July 3, 2016

Blind Date (1987)

Die Hard (1988) made Bruce Willis an action star but his comedic talent shined in Blake Edwards' underrated and oft-forgotten Blind Date.  Walter Davis had one job - to not let his blind date Nadia get drunk.  He doesn't heed the warning and the night turns into a series of disasters.  John Larroquette steals the movie as Nadia's macadamia of an ex-boyfriend and William Daniels comes in a close second as his goofball father.

Blind Date was filmed in Culver City, Santa Monica and Los Angeles, CA

Location: The Gas Station
Address: Sepulveda & National Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA

Location: Nadia's Friend's House
Address: 9055 Krueger Street, Culver City, CA

The house seen in the film has since been demolished.

Location: Ted's House
Address: 11400 Kingsland Street, Santa Monica, CA

Location: The Limo Ride
Address: Delfern Drive & N Faring Road, Los Angeles, CA

Location: The Bedford House
Address: 1060 Brooklawn Drive, Los Angeles, CA

Locations Visited: March 2006, October 2016

Still Need To Visit:

Ted's Car Dealership

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