Sunday, July 3, 2016

Rebel Without A Cause (1955)

Nicholas Ray's melodramatic milestone into the lives of the modern teenager - neglected, confused and rebellious.  Rebel Without A Cause addressed the generation gap and deterioration of America's youth with incredible performances from the main cast, who each died tragically way before their time.  The film also catapulted James Dean to a cultural icon.

Rebel Without a Cause was filmed in Hollywood, Santa Monica and Los Angeles, CA

Location: Drunk Jim Lays in the Street
Address: 7529 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood, CA

Location: The Police Station
Address: Warner Brothers Studios - Midwest Street, Burbank, CA

Location: Judy's House & Alley
Address: 6122 S Citrus Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

Location: The Planetarium
Address: 2800 E Observatory Road, Los Angeles, CA   Griffith Park Observatory

Paula Abdul's Rush, Rush (1991) video was also filmed here.

Locations Visited: March 2007, March 2016, October 2016

On a cross country trip back in '07, I stopped off in James Dean's hometown of Fairmount, Indiana to visit a museum dedicated to his, the farm where he grew up and his gravesite...

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