Sunday, July 3, 2016

Dexter (2006-2013)

Among the wave of anti-hero television series debuting in the '00s, Dexter is perhaps one of the most notable. Florida is no stranger to homicide but Miami-Dade county's most wanted are quietly dispatched thanks to vigilante serial killer Dexter Morgan.  A great supporting cast and colorful array of locations and criminals added to the series' lifeblood, even though the last few seasons had me seeing red.

Dexter was filmed in Burbank and Long Beach, CA and Miami, FL

Location: Dexter & Rita's House
Address: 3319 E 1st Street, Long Beach, CA

Location: Rita's 1st House
Address: 2348 San Anseline Avenue, Long Beach, CA

Location: Quinn's Apartment
Address: 3515 E 1st Street, Long Beach, CA

Location: Trinity's House
Address: 4119 Locust Avenue, Long Beach, CA

Season 4's villain and best of the series IMO resided here:

Location: Hideaway House
Address: Warner Brothers Backlot, Burbank, CA

I'm not exactly sure which season/episodes this was featured in but according to the tour guide, it was used on Dexter.

Locations Visited: March 2016

Still Need to Visit:

Dexter's Apartment
Deb's Beach House
La Guerta's House

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