Sunday, June 5, 2016

Gremlins (1984)

Three simple rules could've kept Kingston Falls the peaceful town that it was.  But rules were made to be broken.  After Billy's cute little mogwai gets wet, it spawns several mischievous green Gremlins who wreak havoc on Christmas Eve.  Along with Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, Gremlins inspired the PG-13 rating after uproar from parental units who took their little gremlins to see the not quite R-rated but not quite PG-rated violence. 

Gremlins was filmed in Universal City and Burbank, CA

Location: Chinatown
Address: Warner Brothers Studios - Hennesy Street, Burbank, CA

Location: Kingston Falls Town Square
Address: Universal Studios Backlot, Universal City, CA

Back to the Future was also shot here.  The famous courthouse:

Sadly, most of this area was rebuilt after being destroyed in a 2008 fire.

Location: The Peltzer House
Address: Warner Ranch - Blondie Street, Burbank, CA

It was debated whether the Peltzer House was on the Universal or The Warner Brothers Lot.  After listening to the DVD commentary, I realized it was filmed on the exclusive Warner Ranch lot, which I hope to gain access to one day.  Robert Patterson at was fortunate enough to visit and took some amazing shots.  Be sure to check out more of his Set-Jetter Gremlins Locations.

Location: The Futterman House
Address: Warner Ranch - Blondie Street, Burbank, CA

Once again, thanks to Robert Patterson for getting these shots.  You never actually see the entire front of the house but you catch a glimpse of the driveway when Mr. Futterman first appears...

The back of the house is actually a few doors down...

Location: Kate's House
Address: Warner Brothers Studios - Midwest Street, Burbank, CA

Kate and Billy first pass caroler's at this house...

This was also Georgie's house on Sisters (1991-1996).

Location: The Church
Address: Warner Brothers Backlot - Midwest Town Square, Burbank, CA

Location: Mrs. Deagle's House
Address: Warner Brothers Backlot - Midwest Street, Burbank, CA



This was also The Seaver's house from Growing Pains (1985-1992)

Locations Visited: August 2003, March 2016, October 2016