Thursday, June 2, 2016

Vacation (1983)

Clark Griswold is the all-American family man. And what better way to spend a summer vacation than driving cross country with the wife and kids to Walley World - the ultimate family fun park.  What could go wrong?    Well, the mishaps begin right out of the garage and don't stop until reaching their shuttered destination.  To boot, they visit their white trash extended family along the way, making them wonder if they should've just gone to the community pool instead.

Vacation was filmed in Arcadia, North Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale, Santa Monica, Norwalk, Valencia and Los Angeles, CA; Avondale, Boone, South Fork, Hesperus, Alamosa and Pueblo, CO; Monument Valley, UT; Flagstaff, AZ and Chicago, IL

Location: The Griswold House
Address: 2310 N Vermont Avenue, Los Feliz, CA

This was also Greg and Nora's house on The Bradys (1990)

Location: The Car Dealership
Address: 900 S Brand Boulevard, Glendale, CA

Location: The Griswolds Leave Chicago
Address: 301 S Columbus Drive, Chicago, IL  Buckingham Fountain

Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Address: Warner Brothers Studios - Hennesey Street, Burbank, CA

This area is also seen in Christmas With The Kranks (2004) during Blair and Enrique's police escort and the burglary.

Location: Clark Exits Freeway
Address: Exit 1 from 134 Crossing Cahuenga Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA

After getting off the freeway, they pass Vendome Liquors at 10600 Riverside Drive, North Hollywood, CA

Location: The Skinny Dipping Motel
Address: 12500 Firestone Boulevard, Norwalk, CA

Guesthouse International Hotel

Location: The Walley World Entrance 
Address: 285 West Huntington Drive, Arcadia, C
A  Santa Anita Park South Entrance

This is at the entrance to Westfield Santa Ana.  On the other side of the shopping center is where the Haddonfield Memorial Parking Lot from Halloween II (1981) is located.

Location: Clark Pulls Into Gas Station
Address: 1401 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA

Location: The Sporting Goods Store
Address: 1401 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA

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