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Halloween II (1981)

The Nightmare Continues in Halloween II and Jamie Lee Curtis is having a bad hair night thanks to a distracting wig.  To make matters worse, The Boogeyman is still on her trail and has tracked her to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, which has ten times more vacancies than The Bates Motel. There, he offs the criminally understaffed caretakers while trying to get to a near-comatose Laurie Strode, who has about ten lines the entire movie.  After Dr. Loomis finds out she is actually Michael Myers' sister, things really begin to heat up at the hospital, ending in a fiery explosion and Michael's reign of terror burning out...or so we thought. 

Halloween II is a respectable sequel to the original.  I like how it continues on the same night, with several of the same locations and cast.  It's light on suspense as it ups the gore factor, but it was just keeping up with the slasher craze at the time.  While the original is my favorite, I do have a special connection to Halloween II.  On October 30, 1998, I dragged a few college friends to a screening of Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later (1998) at nearby Cornell University.  In the early morning hours of October 31, 1998, I awoke to pain on my right side.  Hours later, I was sent to a clinic to have my appendix removed.  Lucky for me, my surgeon had not been to the country club yet and appeared to be totally coherent.  And Mrs. Alves would've been proud, as the clinic tracked down my parents in record time.  But as I was being wheeled back to my room, I noticed almost all of the rooms didn't have any patients.  I thought maybe my mind was playing Halloween tricks on me, but my eerie observation was confirmed as I was wheeled out to my parents' car the following foggy morning.  But unlike Laurie Strode, I got to ride in front :-). Thanks for Paul H. from Halloween Filming Locations for tracking down several of these locations.

Halloween II was shot in South Pasadena, Sierra Madre, Sepulveda, Arcadia, and Inglewood, CA

Location: The Doyle House
Address: 1530 N Orange Grove Ave, West Hollywood, CA

Location: The "Trick-or-Treated to Death" House
Address: 1536 N Orange Grove Ave, West Hollywood, CA

The Strodes and Wallaces don't have the best neighbors.  If they're not turning off the lights and closing the blinds in your hour of need, they're crotchety old bags of wind...

Location: The Alley
Address: Magnolia Lane, South Pasadena, CA



Location: The Elrod House
Address: 716 Meridian Ave, South Pasadena, CA

The front of the house can be seen when Laurie drops off the key in the first film...

Location: Alice's House
Address: 57 Montecito Court, Sierra Madre, CA

Yet another Haddonfield neighbor you wouldn't want.  Alice nonchalantly theorizes Mrs. Elrod is receiving an Ike Turner beatdown.  Instead of calling the police, she just goes back to chatting with her friend Sally.  

Location: Haddonfield Memorial Hospital Parking Lot
Address: 400 S. Baldwin Avenue, Arcadia, CA
Westfield Santa Anita Mall

This is the parking lot outside of Nordstrom's...

On the other side of the shopping center is the entrance to Walley World from Vacation (1983).

Location: Haddonfield Memorial Hospital Exterior
Address: 16111 Plummer St, Sepulveda, CA

Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center, Building 10




Location: Haddonfield Memorial Hospital Interior
Address: 1845 N Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena, CA   
Pasadena Community Hospital

Mr. Garrett's post and the cafeteria (which has been converted to restrooms) were filmed here.  The entrance that Michael breaks through is still recognizable...

Other interiors were shot at Morningside Hospital in Ingelwood, CA, which no longer exists.

Location: Searching for Michael Myers
Address: 1542 N Orange Grove Ave, Los Angeles, CA

The interiors were used as The Wallace House from the first film...

Location: Bennett Tramer's Death
Address: Magnolia and Meridian Ave, South Pasadena, CA

This location was also used when Laurie walks to school in the first film...

Location: The Wallace House
Address: 1537 N Orange Grove Ave, West Hollywood, CA

Location: Town Square
Address: Kersting Court, Sierra Madre, CA

Location: Smith's Grove Sanitarium
Address: 1215 Lodi Place, Hollywood, CA


Location: The Myers House
Address: 1000 Mission St, South Pasadena, CA

Location: Haddonfield Elementary 
Address: 110 W McClean, Alhambra, CA

Location: The Marshall's U-Turn
Address: 11770 Foothill Boulevard, Lake View Terrace, CA  Hansen Dam

This road is for authorized vehicles only but you can park near the picnic area and walk across the field to get to it...

Locations Visited: November 2003, November 2008, November 2013, March 2016, October 2016, October 2018, June 2021, May 2023

Over the years, I've attended several conventions and met several of the cast and crew...

Rick Rosenthal (Director)

Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie)

Dick Warlock (The Shape)

Gloria Gifford (Mrs. Alves)

Pamela Susan Shoot (Nurse Karen)

Tawny Moyer (Nurse Jill)

Ana Alicia (Nurse Janet)

Nancy Stephens (Nurse Marion)

Leo Rossi (Budd)

Billy Warlock (Craig)

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  1. Very impressive tracking all this down! Now I can finally make a trek to Haddonfield Memorial Clinic (don't know why they kept referring to it as a clinic and not a hospital). Thanks for sharing!

    1. No problem! Though I can't take credit for finding these specific locations. I didn't get why they called it a clinic either. When you do visit try not to attract attention to yourself to avoid getting in trouble

  2. I love these shots -- and I love the kitty looking out the kitchen door of the Elrod house! :)

    1. Thanks! I've never noticed the cat before lol!