Sunday, November 22, 2015

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

It had been 6 years since a Halloween movie was released.  7 years since a Halloween movie WITH Michael Myers.  The world was ready for another installment.  I was 10 when Halloween 4 was released and I remember seeing the TV commercials for it.  I watched it a few years later at a friend's house and there were some things I wasn't crazy about, like the mask with the surprised expression a bad facelift would leave you with and how Michael looked like he played for The New York Giants.  While Jamie Lee Curtis' absence is definitely noticeable, Halloween 4 does deliver on atmosphere, starting with it's amazing opening sequence.  It also delivers some good scares, above par acting for a horror flick and an awesome rooftop chase scene before shocking us with it's surprise ending.

Halloween 4 was filmed in Salt Lake City, Honeyville, Brighman City, Ogden, Midvale and Rush Valley, UT

Big thanks to Mr. H from the message board for finding many of these locations over the past few months.

Location: Opening Montage - Farm with Pumpkin Stand
Address: 7600 N Highway 13, Honeyville, UT

Location: Opening Montage - Farm with Skeleton Mailbox
Address: 3200W Brigham City, UT

Location: Opening Montage - Halloween 4 Title Card
Address: 6800N & 3600W, Honeyville, UT

This shot was actually taken on the entrance ramp to I-15

Location: Opening Montage - Ghost Swaying
Address: N 5200W, Honeyville, UT

Location: Ambulance Ride

Address: Bonneville Blvd, Salt Lake City, UT

I don't believe this has actually been confirmed, but it appears this is the location of where the ambulance is shown at the beginning.  

Location: Ridgemont Sanitarium
Address: 400 E Capital Park, Salt Lake City, UT

The former site of the security check-in.

Location: Haddonfield Establishing Shot/Carruther's House
Address: 509 3rd Ave, Salt Lake City, UT

This is the location the ambulance is parked in front of across the street.

Location: Crash Site
Address: Highway 39, West 12th St, Odgen, UT  Mile 3 marker

Location: Penney's Gas Station & Diner
Address: State Road 36 heading south, just before Route 73, Rush Valley, UT

Off all the gas stations in all the towns in all the world, he pulled into mine...

Loomis takes a dive around here.

Location: Haddonfield Elementary/Jamie Gets Picked Up
Address: 668 S 1300 E, Salt Lake City, UT/E 700 S and Douglas St        The McGillis School

Jaime gets picked up by Rachel and Lindsey...

This part of the school was used at the end when the beer bellies pick up Rachel and Jaime but has undergone a major renovation a few years ago.

Location: Driving To Vincent Drug
Address: E 800 S and Elizabeth St

This is a block or two down from where Jamie gets picked up.  They are actually driving toward the school.

Location: Vincent Drug Exterior
Address: 7696 N Main St, Midvale, UT

Location: Vincent Drug Interior
Address: 1260 Vine St, Salt Lake City, UT

This used to be a pharmacy.  Now it's a Budget rent-a-truck place, but they did keep the glass counters.

Location: Loomis Hitches a Ride
Address: Highway 84 Westbound before exit 85

Location: Toilet Papering the Park
Address: North Canyon Road and 4th Ave, Salt Lake City, UT

Location: Trick or Treating
Address: 282 & 278 N Canyon Road, Salt Lake City, UT

Jamie starts at this house…

Then walks down to this house…

Location: Meeker House
Address: 607 2nd Ave, Salt Lake City, UT

On a sheriff's salary?


It's kind of hard to see but this is where Rachel falls.

Jamie grabs onto the trellis.

Rachel lands around here after she falls from the roof.

Michael Myers appears from around the bend.

Jamie takes off.

Location: Bucky's Power Station
Address: 7652 Holden St, Midvale, UT

This is one of the houses that loses power.  It is just a few houses down from the Carruther's house at 521 3rd Ave, Salt Lake City, UT

Location: Kids are Picked Up
Address: 218 Canyonside Rd, Salt Lake City, UT

Location: Rachel Searches for Jamie/See Michael Myers
Address: Canyonside Rd, Salt Lake City, UT

This is where Rachel first looks for Jamie.

Walking down this dark street with the Halloween 4 soundtrack on your iPod is quite terrifying.  Not gonna lie.

Rachel sees Michael Myers.

This is where Michael Myers watches Rachel and Jamie when they're trick-or-treating. This is also at the end of Canyonside Rd.

It's seen again when Rachel searches for Jamie.

These locations were right around the locations above and are probably where Rachel climbed the fence.

Location: Rachel Find Jamie/Picked Up by Meeker and Loomis
Address: 252 & 260 Canyonside Rd, Salt Lake City, UT

Rachel and Jamie get picked up by Sheriff Meeker and Loomis around this spot.  You can see this building in the background.

Location: Haddonfield Police Station
Address: 655 W Center St, Midvale, UT

Location: Ted Hollister Gets Shot...A Lot
Address: 375 120 E, Salt Lake City, UT

This is just down the street from the trick or treating locations.

Location: Drive Out of Haddonfield/Michael Myers Attacks
Address: Bonneville Blvd, Salt Lake City, UT

This bend was quite popular and should've received credit as a star in the movie.  In addition to the ambulance ride in the beginning, it is also seen several times at the end when the beer bellies ride out of town and Michael Myers attacks the truck.  If you continue on this road you'll be close to the Ridgemont Sanitarium.

Bonneville Blvd. is quite curvy.  This was the straightest part (near the capital building) where Rachel may have hit the breaks.

Locations Visited: November 2015

Over the years, I've met some of the cast and crew attending horror (and Brady Bunch) conventions...

Dwight Little (Director)

Ellie Cornell (Rachel)

Danielle Harris (Jamie)

Beau Starr (Sheriff Meeker)

Mike Lookinland (Greensmen)


  1. Awesome work! I followed the location thread on OHMB (my screen name is Bronson) and Mr. H's work is nothing short of amazing! Thanks for finding these spots and taking pics. Pretty sure you are the first to actually publish these spots with pics. Again, good work and thanks!!

  2. Thanks, Bronson! You're my first comment! Yeah, Mr. H is the man. I can't believe he found Alice's house from Halloween II and the opening shots from Halloween 4 among many others. Glad you like the pics! I had a blast checking out these locations!

    1. Bronson here again. Maybe you can help me find a location from Slumber Party Massacre 3. I've been looking for the main house for a long time. Don't know why but it has become a personal quest to find a location from a pretty crappy film!! Apparently it was filmed around Playa Vista, however I've checked everywhere around Playa, Venice, and Santa Monica with no luck. I even asked Mr. H to help and he had no luck. Either the house doesn't look anything like it did in the film, or the filmmakers couldnt remember where it was and I've been looking in the wrong area all along. Just curious if you could help. Thanks in advance!

  3. Hmm, unfortunately I don't have any info on that location. I've only seen the first one and wasn't that big a fan. Have you contacted the webmaster from It looks like he may now just be on Facebook but his whole site is dedicated to those films. He only has the locations of the first one up there, but he may know of some from the sequels.

  4. WOW! I particularly love Halloween/Haddonfield locations.
    Great work, Brian, and great blog!
    Harry C.

    1. Any luck on locating the final scene where Michael falls into the well? Great job on this by the way!!!

    2. Thanks Sam! Unfortunately I haven't been able to locate the shootout at the well location yet but I am looking.

    3. I have been looking for Earl's bar location for awhile.

    4. Earls Bar was located at 9350 Bingham highway in copperton, UT but has since been torn down

    5. Ahhh,it looks like there were other buildings around there in the movie so it must have all been leveled.

    6. The houses were all razed a long time ago but the bar only closed around 2011. It was called the Ore House Saloon.

  5. Planning a trip to Salt Lake this summer, this is gonna help BIG! Any updates on maybe where the ending shootout takes place?

    1. That's great you're getting out there! I had read the police station was torn down and Vincent Drug looks headed that way too. Hopefully it will still be standing when you go. Unfortunately I haven't had any luck with the ending shootout yet. Maybe Mr. H from the halloweenmovies message board will perform another miracle.

    2. Since there's no real standout landmarks during the finale it's hard to tell, but i'm pretty sure it was filmed along either Bonneville Blvd or 120 E. These both run along City Creek. More than likely it was filmed along 120 E. This runs thru the Memory Grove park where other scenes were filmed. This was probably also the location for the opening of part 5 with the white water rafting shape and hermit shack party. I hope to get there at some point. Beautiful area!

    3. The opening of Halloween 5 was filmed up at Big Cottonwood Canyon.

    4. I managed to find out from a crew member where the ending took place. Unfortunately it no longer exists as the Little Dell Reservoir in Parleys Canyon was constructed there between 1987 and 1993.

      Although the crew member didn't know, I think it's likely that some or all of the 'driving out of Haddonfield' scenes were also filmed up there on the original UT-65.

      The Meeker house roof was also built somewhere in the area. Ellie Cornell even mentions in her commentary that the area was going to be flooded.

    5. Wow, thanks PaulH, as always! I'm glad to see you are still on the hunt for Halloween locations. That's a bummer it's no longer around.

  6. Vincent drug is still there. I read that it has been kept up due to being so popular from the Halloween movies and The Sandlot.

    1. Glad to hear it's still around and didn't fall way of the police station.

  7. Just confirming that the police station (Midvale city center) has been demolished, it is currently an empty lot as of 10/20/2017.

    1. Thanks for confirming, Colby. Sorry to hear that.

  8. Good detective work! I live in Ogden and the part where the bridge can be seen is super hidden in west Ogden. So I am impressed!

    1. Thanks, but I can't take credit as these particular locations were found by other people, I just went and visited them.

  9. This is so AWESOME.... Halloween 4 is my favorite out of all of them. I am so jelious. I would love love love to go there and see all these places.

    1. Thanks! I hope you get to venture out to Salt Lake soon!