Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Breakfast Club (1985)

A brain.  An athlete.  A basket case.  A princess.  A criminal.  All forced to spend a Saturday detention together for various infractions.  With practically nothing to say to each other upon arrival, they soon learned they had more in common than they thought.  The Breakfast Club is John Hughes' masterpiece, with an A-list cast and a powerful theme song (why Billy Idol turned it down I have no idea), he takes a realistic delve into the world of the modern teenager via group therapy, asking the most vital question -  what happens Monday morning?   

The Breakfast Club was filmed in Des Plaines, IL

Location: Shermer High School
Address: 9511 Harrison Street, Des Plaines, IL

This building was formerly Maine North High School.  It is now houses the Illinois State Police...

It has been widely debated whether the football field was filmed at Maine North High School or Glenbrook North High School.  A 2015 article in The Chicago Tribune commemorating the 30th anniversary release of the film finally confirmed that it was Maine North...

Location Visited: October 2016


  1. Don't you forget about me was my high school prom theme song. 1986 Madison Connecticut. It's amazing how many things have changed from the mid 80's till these photos were taken. I ran into a towering Anthony Michael Hall at a movie theater on Broadway and 84 th a while back. I emptied my bucket to him. Nice guy

    1. Yeah, sadly so many locations from older movies have changed. But at least the building is still there. That's cool you ran into Anthony Michael Hall.

  2. Paul Gleason will be missed for his contributions to TV and Film.