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Friday the 13th Part III (1982)

Chris Higgins and her friends escape for a weekend in the country at her family's cabin, which is located on the browner, drier side of Crystal Lake.  Chris is a bit on edge as she has some unsettling memories of being attacked by a hideous looking, almost inhuman, man there some time before.  That man turns out to be Jason Voorhees, whose rampage continues as he slices and dices Chris' comrades and her sex addict boyfriend (three hours a day?) after hitting the daily double with some unsuspecting bikers. After being chased all around Higgins Haven, Chris manages to get Jason good, embedding an ax in his skull before being carted off to the looney bin.

This was the first Friday the 13th movie I ever saw.  It was at a sleepover, minus the sleep. Friday the 13th Part III is especially remembered for being shot in 3D.  Luckily, I got to attend a 3D screening in LA back in 2002 and saw it as it was meant to be seen. This entry is also noted for Jason donning his hockey mask for the first time, its out of place yet captivating disco theme song and the only sequel to never mention his name.   And adding a little controversy, Jason offs a pregnant victim.

Friday the 13th Part III was filmed in Santa Clarita, CA

Location: Harold & Edna's Market
Address: just before 34813 Bouquet Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, CA

Thanks to Robert Patterson at for finding this location.

Sadly, it is no longer around, but part of the stone wall remains...

This was also used in the Yosemite camping episode on Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990-2000)

Location: Vera's House
Address: formerly at 24318 Walnut Street, Santa Clarita, CA

Once again, thanks to Robert Patterson at for tracking down this location... 

But this building with the awnings was still recognizable in 2016...

But as of 2023, they are no longer there...

Initially, Vera's house was thought to have been torn down.  Known as the Kingsburry House, it was donated to the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society in 1987, where it remains today at 24101 Newhall Avenue, Newhall, CA.  I wasn't able to get access at the time, but you can get a glimpse of the porch...

Location: Driving to Higgins Haven
Address: near 15313 Spunky Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, CA

The house seen in the background is 15313 Spunky Canyon, which is just before the convenience store Shelly and Vera visit later on.  It was a little difficult lining up this shot with the giant tree behind the house almost covering the mountains in the distance.

Location: The Convenience Store
Address: 15488 Spunky Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, CA    The Spunky Canyon Store

No food stamps accepted here!  The store has undergone some remodeling since filming, particularly where Vera and the snarky cashier are...



Location: Higgins Haven
Address: Forest Route 5N28, Santa Clarita, CA  Veluzat Movie Ranch

For the longest time, Higgins Haven was one of my most sought after filming locations to visit.  Previously, access to the ranch was tough, but I was fortunate enough to tag along with Robert Patterson of and Sean Clark of Horror's Hallowed Grounds on the Newhallywoodtour.  Adding to the experience was owner Daniel Veluzat and his well of knowledge about Friday the 13th Part III's filming as well as several other productions shot on the ranch.  

The area where the gang run into Abel is just before Higgins Haven.  One particular tree indicates the spot...

Quite foreboding...

The cabin was burned down in 2006 by a fan who started a fire in the artificial fireplace (nice going!) but the stone chimney luckily remains.  Contrary to popular belief, a second story of the cabin did exist according to Daniel Veluzat...

The ladder has been replaced with a wooden staircase that is now toward the back of the barn...

The indentations from the pitchfork prongs...

In the first Friday the 13th (1980), an extension was built off the kitchen to create the pantry.  For this installment, an extension was built off the back of the barn for the basement where Chuck meets his demise...

The outhouse it still around but has been moved from it's original location in the movie...

The very first shot of Jason in his iconic hockey mask...

Locations Visited: March 2016, October 2016, June 2021

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