Sunday, April 17, 2016

Speed (1994)

Speed.  Otherwise known as Die Hard (1988) on a bus.  Interestingly enough, I saw this movie the night before I took my five hour defensive driving course to get my license.  But Speed taught me more than anything I learned in that class - Keanu Reeves is a bad actor.  Like Die Hard, the film delivers high octane thrills and explosions while Dennis Hopper and Sandra Bullock fill the thespian void.  Speed never once comes close to initiating cruise control ;-)

Speed was filmed in Venice, Playa Del Ray, Long Beach, Hollywood and Los Angeles, CA

Location: The Falling Elevator Building
Address: 555 W 5th Street, Los Angeles, CA
The Gas Company Tower

Jack and Harry come flying down 5th Street.

Location: Jack Grabs Coffee/Bus Explodes
Address: 213 Rose Avenue, Venice, CA

The Firehouse

The creepy clown ballerina is located across the street:

The bus explosion occurs on Main Street just south of Rose Avenue:

Location: Annie Catches The Bus
Address: Main Street & Ocean Park Boulevard, Venice, CA

Location: Jack Gets On The Freeway
Address: 105 Freeway Entrance on Imperial Highway, W of Nash Street, Venice, CA

Location: Jack Chases After Annie's Bus
Address: 105 Freeway Eastbound, Los Angeles, CA

The westbound Prairie Avenue exit can be seen in the shot, now obscured by the metro line.

Location: Annie Gets Off The Freeway
Address: Ocean Boulevard & Long Beach Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

The tiered Comerica building is noticeable in the background.

Location: Annie Hits The Carriage
Address: Pico Boulevard & West Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

Just a coincidence:

Location: The Jump
Address: 105 & 110 Freeway Interchange, Los Angeles, CA

Location: Howard Payne's House
Address: Redlands Street & Trask Avenue, Playa Del Ray, CA

A facade was placed in front of the actual house:

Location: The Barber Shop
Address: 458 S Hill Street & 5th Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

Annie stands outside of the ambulance looking N on 5th Street toward The Biltmore Hotel:

Jack books out of the barber shop and heads toward Pershing Square:

Another coincidence:

Location: The Subway Station
Address: Pershing Square Station W 5th Street & Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA

This location was also used in Gia (1998)

Location: The Subway Derails
Address: Hollywood Boulevard between Highland & La Brea, Hollywood, CA

Locations Visited: March 2016

Still Need To Visit:

The Bar
Exiting for the Airport

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  1. I saw them film the scene of Bullock catching the bus at Ocean Park. They blew up the bus early in the morning on Main Street across from the Firehouse cafe. I drove by and saw this burned up bus and later wondered why it was never reported in the local newspaper - a Big Blue Bus accident should have been news.