Saturday, June 24, 2017

Madonna - Cherish (1989)

Madonna's third single from her Like A Prayer album is a light-hearted love song, which made it perfect for a summer release.  Cherish's black and white video, directed by go-to photographer Herb Ritts, is simple in tone compared to the controversial Like A Prayer (1989) and the big-budgeted Express Yourself.  While mermen swim in the ocean, Madonna frolicks on El Matador State Beach smiling and giving us a peak at the twins.  There wasn't much in terms of locations since it's just the beach, but I highly recommend stopping by to experience the breathtaking cliffs and rocks. You'll perish the thought of ever leaving ;-)

Cherish was filmed in Malibu, CA

Location: The Beach
Address: 32350 El Matador State Beach Road, Malibu, CA  

Location Visited: October 2016

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