Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Net (1995)

In this day and age, who hasn't experienced Angela Bennett's plight.  Well, perhaps not THAT extreme, but I'm sure at least a suspicious credit card charge was involved.  While it wasn't a summer blockbuster, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.  It was ahead of it's time, but Sandra Bullock, red-hot off of Speed (1994) (the movie) showed some decent acting chops playing a sympathetic shut-in for this modern day Hitchcock flick.  Dennis Miller does a phenomenal job co-starring as Dennis Miller her psychiatrist.

The Net was filmed in Venice, Santa Monica and San Francisco, CA and Oxon Hill, MD

Location: Senator Bergstrom's Suicide
Address: 153 National Plaza, Oxon Hill, MD  National Harbor

When Senator Bergstrom does not receive a clean bill of health, he heads to Hains Point at the tip of East Potomac Park to eat an apple, bargain with his son and blow his brains out.  A large, creepy sculpture, known as The Awakening, is seen as the shot is fired.   It has since been moved to it's current location in the National Harbor, which has been built up with apartment building and restaurants.

Location: Angela Bennett's House
Address: 407 28th Avenue, Venice, CA

Location: The U.S. Embassy
Address: 100 N Garfield Avenue, Pasadena, CA
Pasadena City Hall

Location: Angela On The Run
Address: Dell Avenue, Santa Monica, CA

She runs toward the Venice Canals.  Trucks still aren't allowed.

Location: Angela's Hotel
Address: 1431 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA

Location: Angela Tries to Meet CyberBob
Address: Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA

This location was also used on Nightingales (1989)Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990-2000) and Melrose Place (1992-1999)

Location: Cathedral Headquarters
Address: 1 Post Street (at Market Street), San Francisco, CA

Location: The Mascone Center
Address: 747 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA

Locations Visited: November 2015, March 2016

Still Need To Visit:

Angela's Purse Is Stolen
Angela's Car Lot
DC locations

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