Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun (1983)

She's quirky, she loves vintage clothing and she just wants to have fun.  Cyndi Lauper's female anthem catapulted her to stardom in 1983 her equally quirky video won her the Best Female Video at the MTV Video Music Awards the following year.  She does a conga line with her female friends throughout the Village and downtown New York before heading back to her parent's house for a party to end all parties.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun was filmed in New York, NY

Location: Cyndi Walks Home in the Morning Light
Address: Gay Street, NY



Location: The Courthouse
Address: 60 Centre St, New York, NY  NYC Supreme Court Building

This was also used in Wall Street (1987) when Bud faces the music for insider trading.

Location: The Fountain
Address: 1000 5th Avenue, New York, NY   The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Although you can barely see it, the water used in the video when the camera pans across Cyndi and her friends is the fountain at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Cyndi had mentioned it in an old interview.

Location: The Subway Station
Address: Chambers Street & Broadway, New York, NY  

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