Saturday, January 23, 2016

Far From Heaven (2002)

Todd Haynes' tale of forbidden loves in 1950s Connecticut is a fantastic film. Despite the superb acting and breathtaking cinematography, Far From Heaven was snubbed by the academy with the paltry nominations it actually did receive.  Where's Jada Pinkett-Smith when you need her?

Far From Heaven was filmed in Yonkers, NY and Elizabeth, Cranford, Hackensack, Bloomfield, Hohokus and Glen Ridge, NJ

Location: The Whitaker House
Address: 431 Birch Lane, Hohokus, NJ

Special thanks to Kevin Petrie for finding this location...

Location: Train Station Exterior
Address: 4 Buena Vista Avenue, Yonkers, NY

This location is also used at the end when Cathy goes to meet Raymond.  

She parks next to the train station at 8 Buena Vista Avenue.

Location: Town & Country Market
Address: 28 Eastman Street, Cranford, NJ

Location: Janice's Ballet Studio
Address: 3 Eastman Street, Cranford, NJ

Location: The Hartford Police Station
Address: 79-81 Main Street, Yonkers, NY

Location: Ritz Theater
Address: 1148 E Jersey St, Elizabeth, NJ

This location is also used again when Cathy tells Raymond they can't be friends.

Location: Medical Office Building
Address: 25 E Salem Street, Hackensack, NJ

Location: Hartford Cultural Center
Address: 90 Broad Street, Bloomfield, NJ

Location: Train Station Platform
Address: Glen Ridge Train Station, Glen Ridge, NJ

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Still Need To Locate:

Raymond's House
Raymond's Shop
Frank's Office
Eleanor's House


  1. Eagen's restaurant - filmed as the "All Black Restaurant" was located in North Arlington, NJ. Now it's a CVS.

    1. Thanks so much for the info, Vicki! I'm sorry to hear it's not around anymore.

  2. The car wash was a closed down gas station to the left of Eagen's Restaurant on the corner of Belleville Turnpike and River Road in North Arlington, NJ