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I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

It’s not as clever as Scream (1996) and has a body count you can do on one hand, but I Know What You Did Last Summer is entertaining nonetheless.  Based off the Lois Duncan novel, the film follows four friends whose lives are forever changed after they hit and kill a man during a joyride.  They make a pact to keep the truth buried after dumping the body.  A year passes and their secret has taken it's toll on them.  To make matters worse, the gang is taunted by someone who knows about it and some of them get the hook.  

I Know What You Did Last Summer was the second offering from screamwriter ;-) Kevin Williamson and was released less than a year from his genre revival masterpiece.  Freddie Prinze Jr. makes it apparent he's a graduate of The Andrew Shue School of Acting but the rest of the cast delivers some decent performances.  Among the highlights is Jennifer Love Hewitt's Jessie Spano breakdown moment asking the loudest question committed to celluloid.

I Know What You Did Last Summer was filmed in Southport, Currie & Burgaw, NC and Marshall, Fort Ross & Bodega Bay, CA

Location: Southport Establishing Shot
Address: 115 N. Howe Street, Southport, NC  

Location: Southport Community Theater
Address: 111 N. Howe Street, Southport, NC  Amuzu Theatre

Location: Ollie's Oyster Bar
Address: 150 Yacht Basin Drive, Southport, NC

Sadly it's no longer around...

Location: Dawson's Beach
Address: Schoolhouse Beach, CA-1, Bodega Bay, CA

Location: The Accident
Address: CA-1, just south of Fort Ross

This part of the Pacific Coast Highway is about ten miles north of Bodega Bay.

Location: Dumping Ben Willis' Body
Address: Nick's Cove CA-1, Marshall, CA

Apparently they were supposed to dump Ben's body in the Pacific Ocean but since the water was too rough, they filmed it at Nick's Cove.  It's about 20 minutes north of Pt. Reyes for you fans of The Fog (1980) and about 10 minutes south of Tomales for you Scream (1996) fans.

Location: Julie James' House
Address: 209 Short Street, Southport, NC

Deb's car turns off of W Brunswick Street onto Short Street...

Location: Shiver's Store
Address: 107 S. Wright Street, Burgaw, NC  Harrell's 

Special thanks to Vernon at Harrell's for the personal tour!

The action returns to Shiver's later in the movie when Helen is chased by The Fisherman...

When Elsa goes to lock the back entrance, she's actually locking the entrance right next door from the main one...

Location: Barry Cox's House
Address: 220 River Drive, Southport, NC

I didn't think I'd get to see this location since it's a private residence on the water, but as I was coming back on the Bald Island Ferry visiting Weekend At Bernie's (1989) locations, I instantly recognized it...

Here is what the front of the house looks like...

Location: Ray's Boat Dock
Address: Southport Waterfront, NC

Although the exact locations aren't known, I assume the scenes where Ray's boat and Sweet Susie sets sail were filmed near Yacht Basin Drive...

Location: Southport Muscle
Address: 106 Yacht Basin Drive, Southport, NC  Fishy Fish Cafe

"Max" torments Barry with his car on Yacht Basin Drive...

Location: The Hospital
Address: 924 N. Howe Street, Southport, NC  Dosher Memorial Hospital

Location: Missy Egan's House
Address: 405 Canetuck Road, Currie, NC 

Location: The Shivers House
Address: 308 W West Street, Southport, NC 

The Shiver's House is seen again later when Barry punches out Ray.  They enter from the back alley on Hillcrest Drive...

This house, which is located at 315 N Caswell Avenue and intersects with Hillcrest Drive, can be seen in the background...

Location: Julie's Got Crabs
Address: 303 W Brown Street, Southport, NC 


Location: The Parade
Address: Yacht Basin Drive, Southport, NC 

Location: Mayberry Reject Gives Helen A Ride
Address: near 110 E Moore Street, Southport, NC 

The car turns down the alley, which is I Am Street, right by the water...

The spot where The Fisherman's truck is on I Am Street but on the north side of where it intersects with West Moore Street.  The red brick building with the two white poles are instantly recognizable...

This area was redressed and used again when Helen meets her demise...

Location: Helen's Chase
Address: 102 S Walker Street, Burgaw, NC

Helen's silhouette is seen running away from the what appeared to be a house.  It's actually the former garage behind the house...

The actual house is seen when she runs across the street...

Helen then runs across The County Courthouse lawn toward Shiver's...

Locations Visited: November 2015, April 2017

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