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Scream 2 (1997)

“Sequels suck” according to Randy Meeks and after seeing Scream 2, I originally thought this sequel was no exception.  But I’ve warmed up to it on repeat viewings and is now horror favorite of mine. The survivors of the first Scream (1996) are back after using a Groupon on red dye jobs at the salon.  There are some good sequences and you can’t help but laugh as Laurie Metcalf hams it up as she takes the reigns from Mrs. Voorhees.

Scream 2 was filmed in Decatur, GA and in Altadena, Westwood, Malibu, Pasadena and South Pasadena, CA

Location: Movie Theater Exterior
Address: 1023 Fair Oaks Ave, South Pasadena, CA   Rialto Theater



The lobby was also used when Maureen gets some popcorn and a small Diet Pepsi (which looked like a large to me).  Unfortunately The Rialto has been shuttered for some time but is expected to reopen in the future.

Location: Movie Theater Interior
Address: 4473 Sunset Drive, Hollywood, CA  Vista Theater

The main action shifts to Hollywood at The Vista Theater, where Maureen and Phil meet their deaths.

The Egyptian design remains in the lobby but has been removed from the bathroom...

Location: Casey's 'Stab House'
Address: 5730 Busch Drive, Malibu, CA

Thanks to Lindsay at for providing this information.

While the backyard was used you can see the outline of the chimney, which is in the front of the house...

Location: Windsor College
Address: 141 E College Ave, Decatur, GA  Agnes Scott College

Note: Agnes Scott College is a women’s college so if you pee standing up, I suggest you make your visit quick.  

Establishing Shot of The College  
(McCain Library/Buttrick Hall)

Sydney's Dorm Building - Establishing Shot
(Agnes Scott Hall)

Sydney's Dorm Building 
(Inman Hall)

When Sydney steps out of her building and outruns the reporters, she is actually leaving Inman Hall. 

Randy's Film Theory Class Building
(Rebekah Scott Hall)

Intro Gail/Debbie Salt/Sorority Girls
(Walters Hall)

Dewey Arrives
(The Gazebo by Rebekah Scott Hall)

Also in this area is where Joel gets the bitch slap on film...

...and Gail reunites with Barney Fife Dewey...

Campus Security
(Back of Rebekah Scott Hall)

Sydney & Derek's Trees
(Near Presser Hall)

The Dining Hall
(Letitia Pate Evans Hall)

Randy's Death
(Buttrick Hall)

The Library
(McCain Library)

The School of Film
(Presser Hall)

The Tower
(Agnes Scott Hall)

Location: The School of Film Lecture Hall 
Address: UCLA Campus - Humanities Building, Room A51, Westwood, CA

Location: Delta Lamda Zeta House
Address: 350 S Grand Avenue, Pasadena, CA

Location: Omega Beta Zeta House
Address: 2186 East Crary Street, Altadena, CA

Location: The Coffee Shop
Address: UCLA Campus - Kerckhoff Coffee House, Westwood, CA

Location: The Car Crash
Address: Green Street between South Robles Avenue & Madison Avenue, Pasadena, CA

Thanks to Robert Patterson at for this location.

Location: The Theater
Address: UCLA - Kerckhoff Hall, Westwood, CA

Sidney books through Election Walk before running into the theater...

The interior was filmed at the Variety Arts Theatre at 940 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles.

Location: The School of Film Side Entrance
Address: UCLA - Kerckhoff Hall, Westwood, CA

While the main entrance to The School of Film is at Agnes State College in Atlanta, Gail is seen running down the steps of The Humanities Building at UCLA when she runs into Debbie Salt.

Kerckhoff Hall is seen once again when Dewey is seen being rolled down the stairs into the ambulance.  I guess The School of Film was in the same building as the theater.

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