Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ghostbusters 2 (1989)

Ghostbusters 2 gets a lot of flack for being a rehash of the first movie but I quite enjoyed it.  Pink slime is rising to the surface of Manhattan, feeding off the city's bad vibes.  The Ghostbusters reunite to save the day once again as they capture less menacing ghosts than the first film.  Bobby Brown takes the reigns from Ray Parker Jr. with an unforgettable rap intro.

Ghostbusters 2 was filmed in New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA

Location: Dana Barrett's Apartment
Address: 325 E 77th St, New York, NY

The carriage crosses 1st Avenue and E 77th Street...

Location: Kid's Party Townhouse
Address: 420 E 78th St & 1st Ave, New York, NY

I would've wanted He-Man at my birthday party too...

Location: The University
Address: 116th St & Broadway, New York, NY

Location: Museum of Modern Art

Address: 1 Bowling Green, New York, NY

Location: Ray's Occult Books
Address: 33 St. Mark's Place, New York, NY

Location: Digging Up 1st Avenue
Address: E 8th Street & S Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, CA

Location: Orrefors
Address: 58 E 57th Street, New York, NY

Location: The Firestation
Address: 14 N. Moore St, New York, NY

Location: Peter's Apartment
Address: 644 Broadway & Bleeker St, New York, NY

Location: The Courthouse
Address: 40 Centre Street, New York, NY

Location: Ghost Appears
Address: Washington Square Park

Location: Gracie Mansion
Address: 905 Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills, CA   Greystone Mansion

This location was also used as Rachel Marron's mansion interiors in The Bodyguard (1992)

Location: The Statue of Liberty Walks
Address: 680 to 725 Fifth Ave & 55th St, New York, NY

Location: Louis' Bus Stop
Address: 3rd Avenue & E 75th Street, New York, NY

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