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Weekend At Bernie's (1989)

Weekend At Bernie's is a hilarious black comedy from the late '80s.  Uptight Richard and laid-back Larry uncover insurance fraud at their company. Grateful for the find, their boss Bernie invites them to his totally awesome beach house Labor Day weekend for fun in the sun.  Turns out Bernie is behind the fraud and is offed by the thugs he's associated with.  Richard and Larry spend the rest of the weekend passing Bernie off as alive to enjoy what was promised to them.  Misunderstandings and hilarity ensue, especially the waterskiing scene, which still makes me laugh out loud.  And we'll just pretend the sequel remains six feet under.

Fun Bernie Fact: "Bawnie's" girlfriend played Vera in Friday the 13th Part III (1982) while Bawnie himself played Dr. Crews in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988) 

Weekend At Bernie's was filmed in New York, NY and Wrightsville Beach, Kure Beach and Bald Heald Island, NC

Special thanks to for providing info for the New York locations.

Location: Larry's Apartment Building
Address: 173 Henry Street, New York, NY

This location is seen moments later when the fire hydrant shoots the guy into orbit...

Location: Richard's Apartment Building
Address: 120 W 84th Street, New York, NY

If there's a building in NYC that I need to visit, there is a 97% chance it will have scaffolding around it and this one did not disappoint.  Special thanks to Kevin Petrie for tracking this location down...  

Location: Richard & Larry Meet Up For Work
Address: Central Park West at 72nd St, New York, NY

Location: The Attempted Mugging
Address: Gapstow Bridge, Central Park, New York, NY  (enter at E 61st)

Location: Richard & Larry Walk to Work
Address: Conservatory Water, Central Park, New York, NY  (enter at E 72nd St)

Minus the water...

This area is also seen in Cruel Intentions (1999)Stepmom (1998) and Gimme A Break! (1981-1987)

Location: Richard & Larry's Office Lobby
Address: 11 Madison Avenue, New York, NY

Location: Richard & Larry Grab Lunch
Address: Park Avenue at 52nd St, New York, NY

They spot Bernie and his hot date pulling up to a chic bistro almost 20 blocks away at 28 E 70th Street...

This was also the restaurant Dan and Alex had lunch at before their sexcapades in Fatal Attraction (1987), which is why the photo is not matched up exactly.

Location: Bernie & Tina Make Plans
Address: Greenwich Street & Hubert Street, New York, NY

I'm not sure if the restaurant was actually where Bernie and Tina were standing outside, but if so, this is what it looks like today...

Location: Hymie's Hunan
Address: Ludlow Street & Canal Street, New York, NY

Location: Richard & Larry "Catch" Ferry
Address:  Bridge Tender Marina, Wrightsville Beach, NC       

This area is also seen later when Larry and Richard leave on Bernie's boat and throw the anchor.  I was pressed for time, so I didn't get to the other side, but it looks the building on the far left in the photo below is where they speed past in the Porshe golf cart...

It is also speculated that Bernie "waterskiing" was filmed around this area as well...

To catch the ferry to "Hampton Island," which is really Bald Head Island, NC, you need to travel about an hour south to The Southport Ferry Terminal located at 1650 Ferry Road in Southport, NC.  If you're a fan of I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997), be sure to check out those locations before you board...

My ferry ride was not as exciting as Larry and Richard's...

But on the ride back, the sky looked really cool...

Location: Hampton Island Dock
Address: 1301 Ferry Road SE, Bald Head Island, NC  Bald Head Island Ferry Landing

The lighthouse is hidden by the trees, so you can get a better comparison shot on the dock...

After docking, you'll soon come to where Bernie parks the most prestigious golf cart...

Location: Bernie Lomax's House
Address: 1610 Fort Fisher Blvd, Kure Beach, NC  Fort Fisher State Recreation Area

The most popular location from Weekend At Bernie's is obviously Bernie's house.  But if you go looking for it, you'll never find it.  The pimped- out 80's dwelling bathed in pastel was built specifically for the movie and torn down right afterwards.  Kure Beach is about a half hour south of Wrightsville Beach, where Larry and Richard catch the ferry.   Since I had a long list of locations to hit, I didn't bother heading down since the exact spot isn't known and I'd be taking a picture of open land, but maybe on the next trip...

Location: The Lighthouse 
Address: 101 Light House Wynd, Bald Head Island, NC   Bald Head Island Lighthouse

The top floor of the lighthouse was under construction so I couldn't go up any further...

Location: Bernie's Neighbor's House 
Address: South Bald Head Wynd & Starrush Trail, Bald Head Island, NC   

Thanks to the woman who works at the lighthouse, I was clued in to another location - Bernie's neighbor who painted the Mazarati black for him.  It's on South Bald Head Wynd, the main road around the island.  So I rented a bike (you might want to shell out a few more bucks and rent a golf cart) and headed out there...

Location: Larry & Richard's 360
Address: South Bald Head Wynd, Bald Head Island, NC 

On the way out to Bernie's neighbor's house, it looks like this is the spot where Larry does a 360 and fools the neighbor chasing after them...

Locations Visited: November 2015, April 2017, December 2017


  1. A great concept
    Nice work

  2. This is awesome! I love searching out movie locations from old movies, have a bunch saved!

    1. Thanks! Such a bummer Bernie's house isn't around.

  3. Wow this is great. Amazing Work that you did to find all these locations. Will be Checking them out the me time im in NYC

    1. Thank you! I'm still on the hunt for a few more of the NYC locations.

  4. Based on all the details you provided, thanks for all of it by the way. Since Bernie's beach house was a temporary exterior set and now that Google street view has several angle shots of the location, I believe this is the exact location the beach house was built: Check the beach curve in the distance, the rocks by the ocean, some mansions somewhat visible in the distance (in the movie and google) and a distinct monument clearly visible, I can confidently say that's the exact location the so called set was built! Enjoy!

    1. You're welcome, DL16. And thanks for the info on Bernie's house!

    2. I just watched this movie again for the first time in years. I grew up in Wilmington and now that I think of it, would off road right there as a kid with my dad. growing up there in the 90s I certainly don't remember seeing or hearing anything on that house being there. no doubt is was build somewhere right along that strip of 4-wheel drive beach area. I used google map to walk along that strip and it is hard to tell exactly where the house was. you can walk quite a bit and still see the curve/rocks/trees in distance. you can even see the shape of the creepy trees in distance that are across from Fort Fisher battle field. the monument you see I think is the water tower. what is funny is that there is a building near the aquarium that in my mind looks like the house from the movie.

    3. I can remember riding out onto the south end and seeing the house. It was just south of where the state park visitors center is now.

  5. Great job man! i was always wondering where the movie was filmed! Congrats!!

  6. I have been a fan of this film for a long time and I have always wondered where this house was located, because it really interested me. If anyone knows if there are any plans to build this house or a photo from the movie set, or someone made some pictures amateurly when this house was still standing, it would be wonderful to see in a different perspective this great miracle. I greet all the fans of this film and of course the whole team that built this great house. Robert S.

    1. Great work Brian! Thanks for going to all the effort.

      @Unknown: I found this pic on IMDB. It's credited to Darrell B Sheldon, I found him listed in the film credits as key grip: second unit.

    2. Thanks Tom! And thanks for sharing that photo. Very cool!

    3. Thank you very much for the photos. I like the number 62 the most. I've always wanted to see such shots. After this photo I can see what it was really like there, I can see that there were photos taken on a movie set. It is a pity that there are so few of them from this house. again thank you very much. Robert S.

  7. Has anyone copied Bernie's beach house

  8. Larry and richard catch the ferry from bridge tender marina..,-77.8138392,3a,36.9y,340.3h,90.14t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipPy1_eAva1bKRX71T6Pzu1LGox033hBq7RrK_r4!2e10!3e11!!7i8704!8i4352

    too bald head ferry docks..

  9. Amazing many thanks