Thursday, December 17, 2015

Wall Street (1987)

Oliver Stone’s Wall Street sums up the 1980s in a nutshell – excess, greed, Darryl Hannah acting like she’s on Valium.  It is a blunt critique at the world of capitalism but Bud Fox's rise and fall is easier to stomach than Darien's interior decorating.

Wall Street was filmed in New York, NY

Location: 21 Club
Address: 21 W 52nd St between 5th & 6th Ave, New York, NY

I didn't dare try and get an interior shot of this swanky place in track pants.

Location: Bud's First Apartment
Address: 60 W 75th St & Columbus Ave, New York, NY

Location: New York Stock Exchange

Address: 11 Wall Street, New York, NY

Location: Bud's Penthouse
Address: 415 E 54th St between 1st and York Ave, New York, NY

Location: Bud Entraps Gordon Gekko
Address: Sheep Meadow, Central Park, New York

Bud then heads over to Tavern on the Green - Central Park West at 67th St

Location: Bud Faces the Music
Address: 60 Centre St, New York, NY  NYC Supreme Court Building

Locations Visited: November, December 2015

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