Saturday, May 27, 2017

Sisters (1991-1996)

Set in Winnetka, Illinois, this drama focused on The Reed Sisters - Alexandra (Alex), Theodora (Teddy), Georgina (Georgie) and Francesca (Frankie) who were close as can be despite their different personalities. Since their father, who died prior to the series beginning, always wanted sons, he gave his daughters male nicknames.  The series had a unique aspect of showing the sisters interact and watch younger versions of themselves in flashback sequences.  It also had several comedic moments, many provided by Mother Bev, intertwined with the sibling drama.  An anchor of NBC's Saturday Night lineup, Sisters was quickly picked up after an initial spring tryout.  Storylines progressively became more soap opera in tone and by the series finale, was vaguely resemblant of what the show was initially.

Location: Georgie Reed Whitsig's House
Address: Warner Brothers Studios Backlot - Midwest Street, Burbank, CA

Georgie, the voice of reason sister, became the breadwinner of the family working as a real estate agent after her husband John has a breakdown and quits his job in hopes of becoming a lounge singer.  Together, with their two sons and dog Watson, they reside in this spacious dwelling.  In the pilot, a different house was used and shot on location (and is on my need to find list).  Once it went to series, it changed to the Warner Studios lot, where the show was filmed...

This was also Sam's Mother's House on Nightingales (1989) and is also seen in Gremlins (1984) when Billy walks Kate home.

Location Visited: October 2016

Still Need To Locate:

Georgie's House from Pilot
The Reed House from Pilot
Mitch's Fish Market

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