Friday, May 12, 2017

Serial Mom (1994)

I actually have not seen many John Waters films, but my repeated viewings of Serial Mom certainly make up for it.  Beverly Sutphin is the June Cleaver of the 90s, advocating for seatbelt wearing, recycling and bird watching. But unlike Mrs. Bates, she would harm a fly.  And that's just the beginning of Beverly's reign of terror all over Baltimore.  Cross her family or wear white after Labor Day and you're sure to get on her bad side.

Despite some critics hating Serial Mom as much as Beverly hates the brown word, Kathleen Turner delivers an unforgettable performance with a killer supporting cast ;-)  A satirical look at suburbia and the country's obsession with crime, each murder left you hanging, like a runny nose (Mrs. Jenson's is my favorite) making it clear that Beverly knows more about serial than just Rice Krispies.

Serial Mom was filmed in Towson and Baltimore, MD

Location: The Sutphin House
Address: 600 Lake Drive, Towson, MD

Location: Rosemary Ackerman's House
Address: 602 Lake Drive, Towson, MD

No room in the kitchen to recycle my ass...

Location: Dottie Hinkle's House
Address: 618 Lake Drive, Towson, MD

I was searching a while for 4215 Pussy Way with no luck.  Turns out the house was just down the street from Beverly and Rosemary's ;-)

Location: The Shopping Center
Address: 917 Taylor Avenue, Towson, MD  Lock Raven Plaza

The parking spot that started it all...

Location: Chip's High School
Address: 69 Cedar Avenue, Towson, MD  Towson High School

23x Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps attended Towson High School.   Michael Phelps Way was named in his honor...

Location: The Whiz Car Wash
Address: 8611 Loch Raven Boulevard, Towson, MD   Captain Car Wash

Beverly turns off of White Oak Avenue before washing away the evidence...

Location: The Sterner House
Address: 7010 Copeleigh Road, Baltimore, MD

The address on the house made this location easy to track down...

Location: The Church
Address: 1401 Carrolton Avenue, Towson, MD  Church of The Good Sheperd

Location: Video Americain
Address: 400 West Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore, MD  

Soundscape is still there, but the video store is sadly now a Smoothie King. Having worked at Blockbuster Video for three summers in college, I completely understood Chip's plight dealing with customers who didn't rewind videotapes (noun,  magnetic tape used for storing video and audio).   I wonder how Mrs. Jenson would feel about watching Bill Cosby pictures now...

Location: Hammerjacks
Address: 1101 S Howard Street, Baltimore, MD  

Another location that is unfortunately no longer around...

Location: The Courthouse
Address: 400 Washington Avenue, Towson, MD 

Location: En Route to The Courthouse
Address: Loch Raven Boulevard & Yakona Road, Towson, MD 

The B& K Electronics sign was a nice clue in tracking this street down.  Turns out it was right across the street from the car wash...

Locations Visited: February 2017

Still Need To Locate:

Mrs. Jenson's House

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