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Cobra Kai (2018-)

While I welcome revivals/remakes/continuations of movies and television shows from my youth, I am often skeptical since many of them deserve to be ridiculed with no mercy ;-)  But that was not the case with Cobra Kai, which continues the story of The Karate Kid (1984).  Johnny Lawrence has taken a bigger tumble down the hill than Daniel did with his bike and has seen better days. After coming to the defense of a bullied kid, Johnny channels his inner sensei and opens his own dojo to help other "losers" and "nerds."  Soon an old rivalry is reignited when auto sales entrepreneur Daniel LaRusso takes a protege of his own under his belt ;-)  

Cobra Kai was met with much praise from critics and fans.  Great character development and story was accentuated with a nice use of flashbacks and an 80s soundtrack.  It was quickly renewed for another season, which saw the return of Kreese and some old Cobra Kai pals of Johnny.  Tension mounted with the younger generation, ending in an Avengers-style all out fight.  

Season 3 deals with the aftermath of the epic school battle as Miguel faces a long road to recovery.  A trip to the far east reunites Daniel with an old love and an old enemy.  We get a glimpse into Kreese's past, who now finds himself battling his former protege.  And the wait is finally over with the return of the ultimate girl next door Ali Mills!

Season 4 brought the sadistic Terry Silver from the God-awful Karate Kid Part III into the fold to help his Vietnam War bud Kreese run Cobra Kai while Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang ban together.  Their merge is short-lived; however, as Daniel and Johnny focus on different techniques.  They all face each other at the All Valley Tournament, where Tory and Hawk emerge as the winners while Miguel goes on a hunt to find his biological father and Daniel calls on Chozen to help him defeat Cobra Kai.

In Season 5, Terry Silver continues his reign of terror by opening Cobra Kai dojos across The San Fernando Valley, calling upon the services of Sensei Kim Da-Eun.  Daniel and Chozen try to stop him while Johnny joins the gig economy and prepares for a new arrival.  Karate hothead turned mellow furniture salesman Mike Barnes joins the ban against Terry after his store goes up in flames.  Meanwhile Miguel and Robby finally call a truce as they battle the disciples of Cobra Kai.

Cobra Kai is filmed in Marietta, Conyers, Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Union City, Austell and Atlanta, GA and Reseda and Tarzana, CA

Much thanks to Melanie Mullen at A Reel Experience for providing information on some of these locations!

Location: Johnny Lawrence's Apartment Building 
Address: 18555 Burbank Boulevard, Tarzana, CA

The courtyard area is filmed on a soundstage, but here is what the actual building looks like, quite similar to Daniel's apartment in the original film...

Location: Cobra Kai Karate Dojo
Address: 2779 Lakewood Avenue SW, Atlanta, GA

I knew the dojo was located next to a McDonald's cause I recognized the white lights...

The interior of the dojo is filmed on a soundstage and modeled loosely after the original layout...

Though they may have used the actual interior of the convenience store... 

Location: LaRusso Auto Group (Season 1)
Address: 6740 Oakley Industrial Boulevard, Union City, GA

It was a little tough to make yourself inconspicuous here so I didn't get as many shots as I would've liked...

Location: LaRusso Auto Group (Season 2)
Address: 4025 Jonesboro Road, Union City, GA

Thanks to Erick Soto for finding this location.

Location: The LaRusso House
Address: 130 Woodlawn Dr NE, Marietta, GA

Location: West Valley High School (Season 1)
Address: 3201 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Atlanta, GA  C.T. Martin Rec Center

Location: All Valley Sports Arena
Address: 635 Walter Kelley Road, Marietta, GA 

Kennesaw State University - Marietta Campus Gymnasium

The interior was filmed here as well.  The doors were locked unfortunately so I was only able to get a shot through the glass...

Season 1, Episode 1: "Ace Degenerate"

Location: Johnny Sees Larusso Billboard
Address: Ventura Boulevard & Burbank Boulevard, Tarzana, CA

The billboard is located across the street atop 18740 Ventura Boulevard...

Season 1, Episode 2: "Strike First" 

Location: The Country Club
Address: 740 Clifton Road, Atlanta, GA  Druid Hills Golf Club

Season 1, Episode 5: "Counterbalance"

Location: Armand's Coffee Shop
Address: 792 Cascade Avenue SW, Atlanta, GA

Location: Johnny & Shannon's Restaurant
Address: 2475 Delk Road SE, Marietta, GA  Delray Diner

Thanks to Ami Susanne for the information...

Location: Moon & Yaz's Parking Lot
Address: 2065 Metropolitan Parkway SW, Atlanta, GA

They are behind Captain D's Seafood...

Location: The Cemetery
Address: 1680 Westview Drive SW, Atlanta, GA Westview Cemetery  

This is at Section 25.  You could've pruned that number of Bonsai Trees before I found it.  This cemetery is rather sprawling...

Omar Navarro's Mansion from Ozark (2017-) is also located in this cemetery.

Season 1, Episode 6: "Quiver"

Location: Johnny's Childhood Home
Address: 219 Smokerise Trace, Peachtree City, GA

Location: Johnny Rides His Bike
Address: 240 Smokerise Terrace, Peachtree City, GA

Thanks to a tip that this was filmed in Peachtree City and the 240 on the white pillar, I was able to track this location down.  I figured the house wasn't too far away and it turned out it was just down the road...

Location: Cobra Kai Dojo
Address: 2033 Metropolitan Parkway SW, Atlanta, GA

Season 1, Episode 7: "All Valley"

Location: Golf N' Stuff
Address: 1675 GA 85, Fayetteville, GA  Fun Spot America Atlanta

The shot of the Golf N' Stuff sign was taken from the first film, where it's located in Norwalk, CA.  You can tell by the busted part of the sign where the "S" is.  But this time around, Fun Spot America Atlanta filled in for teenage fun time...

The mini golf course is just greens with no fun obstacles so this ramp was some set dressing...

I picked this one cause Ms. Pac Man was in the background...

Season 1, Episode 9: "Different But Same"

Location: Daniel & Johnny's Bar
Address: 529 Flat Shoals Avenue SE, Atlanta, GA  529 Bar

Location: Daniel's Old Apartment Building
Address: 19223 Saticoy Street, Reseda, CA

Location: The Playground
Address: 3201 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Atlanta, GA

Here's where the gang decides to throw their own party at the canyon.  This is directly in front of the location used as the high school...

Location: The Canyon Party
Address: 2455 Costley Mill Road NE, Conyers, GA  Costley Mill Park

The beach area was underwater due to Hurricane Sally... 

Season 1, Episode 10: "Mercy"

Location: All Valley Sports Arena
Address: 635 Walker Kelley Road, Marietta, GA 

Kennesaw State University - Marietta Campus Gymnasium

The exterior was shown in the first episode, but we finally get to see the interior for the All Valley 50th Karate Championship.  Special thanks to Sarah for letting me stop by...

Season 2, Episode 1: "Mercy Part II"

Location: Smitty's Diner
Address: 174 W Ponce de Leon Avenue, Decatur, GA

At the time of filming, this was the Thumbs Up Diner.  It has since closed as you can see.  The Kaiser Permanente building can be seen through the window...

Season 2, Episode 3: "Fire & Ice"

Location: Johnny & Miguel's Diner
Address: 2885 Lakewood Avenue SW, Atlanta,  GA  Lakewood Diner

Season 2, Episode 4: "The Moment of Truth"

Location: Oaks on The Beach Club
Address: 4950 Olde Towne Parkway, Marietta, GA

Olde Towne Athletic Club


Location: The Beach/Pier
Address: Tybee Island Pier, Tybee Island, GA

Season 2, Episode 5: "All In"

Location: The Mall
Address: 2050 Lawrenceville Highway, Decatur, GA  North Dekalb Mall

Season 2, Episode 6: "Take A Right"

Location: The Cobra Kai's Dive Bar
Address: 1953 Lakewood Avenue SE, Atlanta, GA  Ideal Sports Bar

Thanks to Amy Susanne for tracking this one down...

Season 2, Episode 8: "Glory of Love"

Location: Cascade Skating Rink
Address: 3335 Martin Luther King Jr Drive, Atlanta, GA   

This rink was also seen on Insatiable (2018-2019)

Season 2, Episode 9: "Pulpo"

Location: Don Corazon's Restaurant
Address: 6450 Powers Ferry Road, Sandy Springs, GA   Mojave Restaurant

Location: Moon's House
Address: 3905 Parian Ridge Road NW, Atlanta, GA

Here is a shot of the interior when the house was on the market in 2019...

Season 2, Episode 10: "No Mercy"

Location: West Valley High School
Address: 1560 Metropolitan Parkway SW, Atlanta, GA

A different school was used than the one seen in season one where the ultimate knock down drag out battle royale took place that I'm sure got people psyched up for The Avengers...

Season 3, Episode 1: "Aftermath"

Location: West Valley General Hospital
Address: 135 Riverside Parkway, Austell, GA  Riverside Epicenter

Location: Larusso Auto Group
Address: 135 Riverside Parkway, Austell, GA  Riverside Epicenter

If this looks vaguely familiar, that's because it is the same location as the hospital, just around the corner...

Season 3, Episode 2: "Nature Vs. Nurture"

Location: Kreese's Diner
Address: 2277 Cheshire Bridge Road NE, Atlanta, GA

Location: Malibu Canyon Recovery Center
Address: 1750 Merton Road NE, Atlanta, GA

Johnny & Daniel's Gas Station
Address: 1974 Sylvan Road SW, Atlanta, GA

Location: Johnny & Daniel's Car Chase
Address: starting at Sylvan Road SW & Dill Avenue, Atlanta, GA

The chase continues at the intersection of Murphy Avenue & Avon Avenue...

Location: The Repair Shop
Address: 1977 Sylvan Road SW, Atlanta, GA

Just across the street from the gas station...

Season 3, Episode 3: "Now You're Gonna Pay"

Location: Doyona International
Address: 1280 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA  Woodruff Arts Center

Season 3, Episode 4: "The Right Path"

Location: Tomi Village Green
Address: 50 Upper Alabama Street, Atlanta, GA

When Daniel steps out of his taxi looking horrified, you can see the previous location of The World of Coca-Cola...

Underground Atlanta is currently undergoing reconstruction and is closed to the public so this was the closest I could get to the area that was used for filming... 

Location: West Valley High Soccer Field
Address: 3201 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SW, Atlanta, GA   C.T. Martin Rec Center

The soccer field is behind the rec center, which was used as the establishing shot of West Valley High School in season one...

Location: Daniel & Kumiko's Cafe
Address: 1280 Peachtree Stret NE, Atlanta GA  Woodruff Arts Center

This area is just outside the High Museum...

Season 3, Episode 7: "Obstaculos"

Location: Daniel & Sam's Lake
Address: 1750 Mt. Vernon Road, Lithia Springs, GA

Sweetwater Creek State Park

Season 3, Episode 8: "The Good, The Bad and the Badass"

Location: Eagle Fang Karate Dojo
Address: Joseph Lowery Boulevard SW & White Street SW, Atlanta, GA   Rose Circle Park

Season 3, Episode 9: "Feel The Night"

Location: The Mills' House 
Address: 4072 Alonzo Avenue, Woodland Hills, CA

Location: Magnolia Kitchen Cafe Interior 
Address: 1000 White Street SW, Atlanta, GA  Boxcar

I quickly recognized this post as it was an after work haunt pre-Covid.  Tasty food if you have time grab a bite...

A different location was used as the establishing shot as this is the exterior of Boxcar...

Location: Golf N' Stuff
Address: 1675 GA 85, Fayetteville, GA  Fun Spot America Atlanta

I have not been back since 2018, so here are a few shots from that visit...

Location: Encino Oaks Country Club
Address: 659 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA  The Georgian Terrace

Season 4, Episode 1: "Let's Begin"

Location: Robby's Skate Park
Address: 1000 White Street SW, Atlanta, GA

This is in the parking lot for the Boxcar, which was Johnny and Ali's restaurant in season 3.  When I stopped by in January 2021, the owner informed me production was building a skate park for the upcoming season but it looks like the just ended up dressing the side of the building...

Season 4, Episode 2: "First Learned Stand"

Location: Kenny's Bus Stop
Address: 665 Lawton Street SW, Atlanta, GA

Location: Balboa Park
Address: Joseph Lowery Boulevard SW & White Street SW, Atlanta, CA  

Rose Circle Park - This is the same park used for Eagle Fang Karate's "Dojo" in Season 3...

Location: The Skating Rink
Address: 2300 Satellite Boulevard, Duluth, GA

Atlanta Ice Forum

Season 4, Episode 3: "Then Learn Fly"

Location: Kenny's House
Address: 680 Lawton Street SW, Atlanta, GA

Just down the street from Kenny's bus stop is Kenny's house, which we don't get an establishing shot of, but the peach door and the stairs across the street are recognizable...

Season 4, Episode 4: "Bicephaply"

Location: The Drive-In
Address: 2000 Moreland Avenue SW, Atlanta, GA

This location was also seen on season 4 of Ozark (2017-).

Location: The Baseball Field
Address: 3009 Randall Street, East Point, GA

John D. Milner Athletic Complex

Season 4, Episode 5: "Match Point"

Location: Johnny Kicks Mailbox
Address: 633 Atwood Street SW, Atlanta, GA

Location: Johnny Trashes Scooter
Address: 600 Hopkins Street SW, Atlanta, GA

Lean Draft House

Season 4, Episode 6: "King Cobra"

Location: West Valley High Soccer Field
Address: 592 Fairground Street SE, Marietta, GA

Larry Bell Park

The West Valley High Gymnastics Center is also located here, but unfortunately it was closed for maintenance...

Location: Aisha's House
Address: 3470 Woodhaven Road NW, Atlanta, GA

Season 4, Episode 8: "Party Time"

Location: West Valley High Junior Prom
Address: 817 West Peachtree Street NW, Atlanta, GA  Biltmore 

This location is also seen in Driving Miss Daisy (1989).

Location: Stingray's House 
Address: 7010 Broughton Lane, Roswell, GA

Season 4, Episode 10: "The Rise"

Location: The Cemetery
Address: 1680 Westview Drive, Atlanta, GA

Westview Cemetery, Section 25

As a huge fan of The Karate Kid Part II (1986), I was very excited to see that Chozen is back once again in the final moment of the season finale..

Season 5, Episode 1: "Long, Long Way From Home"

Location: Cobra Kai Dojo
Address: 680 Murphy Avenue, Atlanta, GA

Season 5, Episode 2: "Mole"

Location: Terry Silver's House
Address: 2798 Redding Road, Atlanta, GA

Season 5, Episode 5: "Extreme Measures"

Location: Olive Garden
Address: 4749 Ashford Dunwoody Road, Dunwoody, GA

Season 5, Episode 6: "Ouroboros"

Location: Topanga Karate
Address: 4478B Chamblee Dunwoody Road, Atlanta, GA

The Dojo Karate

I was an extra in Episode 9 of Season 3 at the Ventura Zoo.  You can spot me for a brief second before the Cobra Kais enter.  It was thirty degrees that day so not wearing a jacket and holding an iced cold soda was quite painful...

9/2/20 - Reel to Real was mentioned in Men's Health and articles about Cobra Kai filming locations.  You can read them here and here.  

Locations Visited:
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  1. Nice location tour! I can tell where they put the palm trees at the Russo house to make it look even better, makes me suspicious towards palm trees in movies/shows from now on!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it was a good diversion from all the other trees that make it obvious it wasn't located in LA.

    2. There is a Cobra Kai dojo in victorville ca

    3. there is companies in the south that rent out palm trees. i was looking to get some seeds and i saw some places that rent them. go figure

  2. The beach was in Conyers,GA, but it's a private location. Junkyard is in Atlanta, not far from the studio, and Daniel and Robby's training in the woods was Stone Mountain Park. Good job though!

    1. Thanks for the info! I had gone to Conyers on a Monday when the state park was closed.

  3. Where’s the apartment building where Miguel and Johnny live?

    1. That's located in LA - 18555 Burbank Blvd, Tarzana

    2. Does anyone know anything about the beach? I am going there couple weeks for these locations and want to ask the land owners.

  4. It's amazing that when I have seen Cobra Kai many times, and I did not realize until I looked at your pictures that the Cobra Kai dojo was filmed literally in walking distance of where I used to work at, they must use visual images to magically create the payphone by the dojo where little Johnny was looking in, as well as the huge Dojo sign in front!

    1. Yeah, they did a good job of dressing that location up. I almost drove right past it. They probably used a a prop payphone. Maybe they borrowed it from Stranger Things :-)

  5. Do you still need the bar?

  6. You missed all of the great training sequences from Episode 8, Molting. The training sequence in the woods was the dead giveaway it wasn't Los Angeles - the whole thing looked just like Georgia wilderness. Pretty sure it was all Stone Mountain.

    1. It's hard to pinpoint exactly where that was filmed. If it was Stone Mountain, it could've been anywhere.

  7. cobra kai dojo signage was taken down. i used to drive by it daily when taking my son to atlanta tech every day.

    1. I went by a few weeks ago and they had it up since they had just started filming season 2. They're probably just not filming ext. dojo scenes at the moment.

  8. that was cool! Thank you for doing all that to share with everybody. I am a huge fan of the new Cobra Kai series I can't wait for season 2.1

    1. You're welcome! I visited Johnny's apartment when I was in LA in October. Hope to post the pics soon. Looking forward to season two as well.

  9. This is the best around. Nice work! I did a similar reality tour of locations for KK1. So fun!

    1. Thanks very much, Beck. Glad you got to see the KK1 locations.

  10. This is so cool. Thanks so much for sharing this info! Love Cobra Kai! Neat to see where they filmed.

  11. Awesome job on the film locations. I have played tennis at Old Towne Athletic club. The Stone Mt scenes were pretty obvious. I used to go to North Dekalb mall from time to time. Also lot of scenes filmed up in the East Cobb area. Hopefully they come up with some more spots for season 3.

    1. Thank you very much! Olde Towne seemed like a very nice place. Yeah, they weren't fooling me passing off Atlanta as Big Bear and San Bernardino. Can't wait for season 3.

  12. Any luck on S2 Larusso Motors location?

  13. I think the skate park is at the Old Fourth Ward Skate Park in Atlanta.

    1. I had looked at that on google maps. It didn't seem to match up. I figured they may have CGI'd palm trees like they did with the Larusso house but in one shot there's faint outline of what might be the mountains of the San Fernando Valley.

  14. Where is the current Miyagi Dojo located?

  15. The pier is on Tybee island in Savannah GA.

    1. Yes, I came across the casting call for that shoot. I hope to get out there this summer.

  16. the pier is at tybee beach GA

  17. Hello, Brian, my name is eM. I'm a member of a Cobra Kai page on facebook and someone posted your blog today. Fantastic work. I actually know where every single location is at. All of them. I've been posting them on the facebook, and was taking images from google, (so I had a screen shot) and now after seeing your blog I can see where they've been coming from. You! Sorry about that, had no idea, thought they were just movie shots. I have a contact at the studio that gave me the locations. I'm going to be back in Atlanta in a few more weeks and I can connect with you if you want and can show you the other locations that you're missing. There are also some more right now for Season 3 that you don't know yet either. The only place I've been told NOT to reveal under any circumstances is the Miyagi-Do Dojo. I'm sorry, I can't. But other than that I would love to help you out. I was doing this more as a fun hobby for others, but you seem like a real pro at it so I'm impressed by your work completely. Cheers!

    1. Hi Em, thanks for writing. I replied to you in the Facebook group.

  18. The skate park is located in Van Nuys, CA in the valley. Its called Pedlow i used to skate there all the time. Funny to find out even though this show is in my hometown they dont even film it here ��

    1. Thanks so much for the info Chris Perez! It didn't look ATL to me, I was wondering if it was somewhere in the San Fernando Valley.

  19. What about where Johnny is at the beach or the where the kids are playing beach volley ball?

  20. Where is the Miyagi-Do Dojo and house?

    1. Here is the location of the Miyagi-Do Dojo and house,+Georgia/@33.73608051,-84.42983065,306.58432209a,98.92231855d,34.9999994y,-134.0810396h,27.52220358t,0r/data=CnsaURJLCiUweDg4ZjUwNDVkNjk5MzA5OGQ6MHg2NmZlZGUyZjk5MGI2MzBiGV7tzRTf30BAIRzbIbTUGFXAKhBBdGxhbnRhLCBHZW9yZ2lhGAEgASImCiQJdELh3MRaQUARIe_p0xCWQEAZS-d8EX_4VMAh2_xANbdHVcA

  21. Funny how the Miyagi-Do house always seems to be the biggest mystery. That especially since it took years to discover the location of where the original one was, while not realizing it was actually torn down decades ago. The place also reminded me of an old house where my uncle once lived, which was located on top of where a train station was too, but is now also long gone. That of which happened sometime between the second, and third K.K. film, thus had to be recreated not once, but twice.

    1. Luckily I work near the Miyagi-Do house. It is located On White St. The house is next to building across parking lot. You can see the house from White st. Atlanta.


  22. Fantastic work! Greattings from Brazil!!!

  23. s2 e2 Where Johnny and Miguel pull up to the two girls in the car 6500 w Friends St Pacific Palisades.

  24. 365 N Mt Holyoke Ave
    Los Angeles, California

  25. Has anyone come up with any more locations for season 3 yet?

  26. S1 E1 Johnny gets fired,-118.3892028,3a,49.9y,30.87h,87.95t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sy7O6xg0ipXwe_UCL5g5MhQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

    1. Unfortunately I didn't make it up there my last trip to LA. Definitely on the list for next time.

  27. A bit pathetic that a show set in the San Fernando Valley is mostly shot in Georgia.

    1. Yeah, I would've liked to have seen more of the real San Fernando Valley. And the real Golf N Stuff.

    2. Agreed. As someone who lives and works in LA, I'm pretty salty about Georgia trying to steal all this film work - especially for shows set in LA.

      Regardless, great work on this page! I'll try and see if I can get you some shots of the Mulholland overlook spot from S1 E1.

    3. I understand. Thanks so much! Hoping Season 3 is released soon so I can visit more locations!

    4. Georgia just has better tax incentives nowadays. Not trying to "steal" anything, just playing the game. Moe filming was done in Georgia last year than in the rest of the US combined!

    5. Agree. Sucks that this was filmed in GA instead of LA. As someone who lives in LA and has a husband who works in the industry, this blows. Also, hello, Georgia looks nothing like California. The "mountain" scene with Daniel and Robby was a joke. We don't have trees or woods like that. I love this show but I'm pissed about runaway production.

    6. Unfortunately that's the price of continually re-electing the same morons over and over again... California is not the utopian paradise they want you to believe. My brother works in the industry as well and he hates California. Oh well, it is what it is.

  28. The Don Corazon's Restaurant is a new place now and it looks so nice! I hope to eat there some time soon. That was a great episode!

    1. Yes, I drove by there not too long ago. I hope to eat there too.

  29. Such a great post! My husband and I are having a silly disagreement, I'm hoping you can help me out. In season 2 episode 1, they are inside a hardware store. Jonny is getting new glass and Daniel is with Robby getting a board and screws. Do you know what hardware store that is?

    1. Thank you! I haven't been able to track the hardware store down yet unfortunately.

    2. Definitely a Home Depot somewhere - you can tell by the font they use for the price stickers

  30. Where did the Big Bear Lake and Rim of the World reference come from?

    1. Rim of the World is a local high school (in Lake Arrowhead, not big bear). Big bear and arrowhead are the go to woodsy place for all LA based tv and movies.

  31. Thank you for these locations. It was a fun family trip to Cobra Kai and other spots. Can't wait for season 3!!

    1. You're welcome, Tabitha! I can't wait for season 3 either!

  32. Almost certain the inside of "Tech Town" is Micro Center on Windy Hill Pkwy, Marietta, GA.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I'll try and swing by to confirm.

  33. The training scene around the lake in S1E9 is partially filmed on Arabia Mountain - specifically the parts where they do Kata on the side of the large granite hill. The location has a unique, unmistakable biome featuring the pinkish-red plants pictured in the scene.

  34. Do you happen to know if West Valley High School was also used in the filming of Disney's musical version of Freaky Friday? The stairs specifically looked so familiar. Thanks

    1. I haven't seen that movie but according to IMDB, it looks like it was filmed in Vancouver.

  35. S2E6 the motorcycle ride is at the Quabbin Reservoir in Belchertown/Ware Massachusetts. Some scenes over the Winsor Dam and just in the woods where there's a windy road.

    1. Really? Seems odd they would go all that way and not cheat somewhere in Atlanta.

  36. ¿what is the location of the final scene of johnny on the beach?

  37. Minor correction: The Larusso billboard is in Tarzana (a block away from Johnny’s apartment location), not Reseda :)

  38. Where was the Ventura Zoo filmed? Thanks for this! Having lived in ATL its so fun to look for places I know. We used to live by Dekalb Mall so I spotted that one right away.

    1. You’re welcome! The Ventura Zoo was the Fernbanks Science Center

  39. As someone who lives in the San Fernando Valley, the first episode is a great idea of the people and scenery here....yes people really are that mean here. There is no Ventura Zoo and none of the rest of the locations are familiar (Georgia I guess). I have a friend whom is a Still Photographer and hates LA and has worked in Atlanta and would move there in a heartbeat....I would too. FYI I live near LA Valley College, Coldwater Cyn and Burbank.

  40. Might have missed it in the comments, but where is the “Ventura Zoo”. I know there’s no zoo in Ventura and the building looks really familiar as something I’ve seen in Atlanta? Feel like it was the old Cyclorama building?

  41. I was told by one of the owners of plant city bonsai in Clermont, GA that they rented out bonsai trees to Cobra Kai for filming. They even showed me one of the previously rented bonsai trees they still had when I was there about a month ago. Perhaps they could provide more info/insight for your blog. Thanks for all the info.

  42. THIS IS SO AWESOME! Thank you~

  43. I was looking into checking out some of the locations in person and may have found an address with an error. The All Valley location is listed here as "635 Walker Kelley Road, Marietta, GA" at Kennesaw State University - Marietta Campus Gymnasium.

    I found that address online as:
    635 Walter Kelly Road, Marietta, GA

    Obviously it's a very minor difference, but it wasn't coming up on my GPS written the other way. Thanks for updating this page to include Season 3!

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the error. Address has been updated. Happy hunting!

    2. That Walter Kelly lived down the street from me when I was growing up. He owned Kelly Chrysler Plymouth in Marietta. Very well known person, very "OM" (Old Marietta)

  44. How hard is it to become an extra? What did you do to become one?

    1. It's not difficult. I've been doing it on and off since 2004. It was nice to work on a show I actually watch for a change.

  45. Hi
    Great page !
    Do you have a mailing address for the studio/soundstage they use ?

  46. 1310 White Street Southwest, Atlanta, GA

    Google earth this location area you can see the sound stage and miyagi house was built by the building. Also they use the exterior of the police station when Johnny and Daniel went to attempt to pick up Robby.

    Also the car wash they use was across the street.

    -Jordan Watson

  47. Any idea what restaurant Tori was fired from in Season 4 and where she played a mermaid at?

  48. i am also interested in horror movies i see complete cobra kai series season one and two

  49. Hi! Do you know the location where Tory was working as a mermaid? Thanks in advance.

  50. Miyagi dojo looks to be gone now according to google maps. Wonder if they will rebuild for season 6.