Friday, May 27, 2016

The Naked Gun 2 1/2 (1991)

Frank Drebin fires off another round of slapstick hijinks, this time in Washington, D.C. as he takes on a corrupt industrialist.  Not quite as funny as the first installment, but still delivers enough laughs.  So much so that I can't watch the pottery love scene from Ghost (1990) without cracking up.

The Naked Gun 2 1/2 was filmed in San Pedro, Silverlake, Burbank and Los Angeles, CA

Location: The Blue Note
Address: Paramount Studios Backlot - New York Street, Los Angeles, CA

Location: The Police Station
Address: 638 S Beacon Street, San Pedro, CA

Location: The Sex Shop
Address: Warner Brothers Backlot - Midwest Street, Burbank, CA

Location: The Steep Hill
Address: Baxter Street & Lemoyne Street, Silverlake, CA

Nordberg gets stuck under the car at Lake Shore Avenue:

Location: The SWAT Team Stand Off
Address: 1169 E 25th Street, Los Angeles, CA

The house seen in the movie was a facade...

Location: Jane's Apartment Building 
Address: The Warner Ranch, Burbank, CA

The Warner Ranch is closed to the public unfortunately.  I was on it once as a background actor long before I was into visiting filming locations.  I do hope to get back on the lot someday so this shot from the street will have to do for now...  

Location: The Presidential Ballroom
Address: Warner Brothers Backlot - Embassy Courtyard, Burbank, CA

Locations Visited: March 2016, October 2016

Still Need To Visit:

Hapsburg's Residence

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