Thursday, May 5, 2016

Michael Jackson - Beat It (1983)

Michael Jackson tackles gang violence on Skid Row for his second video off of Thriller.  Tension rises as dueling gangs organize and a knife fight ensues.  A bloodbath is thwarted when the King of Pop intercedes and tells them violence is not the answer.  They then hug it out through a choreographed number.  Beat It is one of Michael Jackson's best videos, but he would soon outdo himself with the help of a few zombies.

Beat It was filmed in Los Angeles, CA

Location: The Alley
Address: S 560 Gladys Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

It's kind of hard to see in the screenshot but the large pipe on the side of the St Agnes Hotel is still there...

The rival gang's alley is believed to be across the street...

Location: The Bar/Pool Hall
Address: 300 E 5th Street, Los Angeles, CA 

This was originally The Hard Rock Cafe...

Location: The Diner
Address: 109 E 5th Street, Los Angeles, CA  Monte Carlo Cafe

Location: The Warehouse 
Address: 458 S Alameda Street & Fifth Street, Los Angeles, CA

Although not 100% confirmed, this is believed to be the location of the warehouse in the video thanks to Lindsay at

Locations Visited: March 2016, October 2016

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