Saturday, September 9, 2017

Shag (1989)

It's summer 1963 and four girlfriends head to Myrtle Beach for one last outing together before they head their separate ways to college and marriage.  Boys, parties and South Carolina's state dance are on the agenda.  But before the weekend is over, they do some soul searching and self discovery.      

Down with the flu one Christmas break in the early 90s, I happened to catch Shag about twenty times on HBO.  Released two years after it was filmed, the coming-of-age movie received little fanfare when it hit theaters, which is why I had never heard of it.  It turned out to be a cute little film with some funny moments and wonderful performances from the cast.  Shag may very well have the most members of Hollywood royalty assembled in one film including Daryl Hannah's sister, Jane Fonda's niece, Carol Burnett's daughter and Tyrone Powers' son.  Contrary to belief, Annabeth Gish is not related to Lilian Gish.  

Shag was filmed in Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Georgetown and Florence, SC

Location: Pudge's House
Address: 4807 Burchap Drive, Myrtle Beach, SC


Location: Carson's House
Address: 405 47th Avenue, Myrtle Beach, SC

According to Wikipedia, Carson's house was located near Pudge's house, and for once it was accurate.  Thanks to a quick glimpse of 405 on the mailbox pole, I soon realized it was just down the road on 47th Avenue. Like Pudge's house, it's still recognizable despite some remodeling...

Wikipedia also said The Clatterbuck Spartanburg House was located around this area but has since been torn down.

Location: Myrtle Beach Main Drag
Address: Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC

Some of the buildings on the main drag still look straight out of yesteryear...

Fun Plaza still stands at 902 N Ocean Boulevard...

The Family Kingdom Amusement Park at 300 S Ocean Boulevard made an appearance when Carson, Buzz, Pudge and Chip get better acquainted...

It looks like The Diplomat Motel at 608 N Main Street is seen in the background when the girls first meet Buzz and Carson.

The Myrtle Beach Pavilion was not used for filming.  Instead, a building in the Cherry Grove section North Myrtle Beach stood in for it...  

The Atlantic Beach Pavilion in North Myrtle Beach was used for the Shag contest at the end of the movie, but burned down not long after filming.

Location: The Magnolia Court Motel
Address: 611 N Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC

Here's where Florence Janners got herself pregnant.  Unfortunately, the motel seems to have changed names and then torn down...

Although they may have undergone some remodeling, the motels that remain on Ocean Boulevard still have that old school vibe to them...

Location: The Clatterbuck Myrtle Beach House
Address: 100 Whitehall Avenue, Georgetown, SC
Mount Hope Plantation

The Mount Hope Plantation filled in for The Clatterbuck Myrtle Beach House.  The gate was closed when I pulled up but I found a path on the road parallel to the entrance.  From afar, it looks like to it might be a side entrance to the plantation that I was able to get a shot of...

And what did I spy on my way out to The Clatterbuck House?  A billboard for a shag contest!

Location: The Jimmy Valentine Sign
Address: 916 N Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC

A quick glimpse of the Gay Dolphin gift shop sign helped me figure out where the Jimmy Valentine billboard was...

Location: The Miss Sun Fun Contest
Address: Near Ocean Boulevard, North Myrtle Beach, SC

You can see The Cherry Grove Pier in the background at The Miss Sun Fun Contest so a makeshift stage was made somewhere on Ocean Boulevard in North Myrtle Beach...

Location: The Drive In
Address: 1815 W Palmetto Street, Florence, SC

The Drive-In was still in operation until 2007 when it burned down.  Fortunately, the sign is still there...

Locations Visited: April 2017

Still Need to Locate:

Mylaina's Baptist Church

Carson & Buzz's Dock


  1. Family Kingdom was used in the movie. It's recognizable due to the wooden roller coaster.

  2. Hello Brian, I think this is so awesome... I love a lot of movies but this movie by far is my favorite... I first seen it as a little girl with my friends and I still watch it till this day, as a matter of fact I'm watching it right now and that's what caused me to search the internet I was trying to find the drive-thru location and I came across your blog... I absolutely love going to the different cities and finding the movies locations that is a passion of mine... I hope you find Milena's church house and Carson and Buzz doc... I absolutely love what you're doing and wish I could join you in the hunt that would be so fun... thank you for your blog I will be tuning in regularly.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Vickie! I do hope to track those mystery locations down at some point.

  3. Brian,

    Thanks for doing this research. The houses in 47th Ave N and on Burchap drive are in a residential area known as either "The Avenues" or "The Golden Mile", between Kings Highway and the ocean where no high rise hotels are allowed. This was once considered the elite section of Myrtle Beach but not quite so much any more except for the million dollar ocean from mansions. I spent my summers in MB with my grandparents in the sixties and the film is mostly true to the time. The acting and cinematography are very good and fun to watch. However, the film would not be made today being not very PC and not addressing the fact that Myrtle Beach was completely segregated at the time. There were no white only signs but segregation was enforced. African Americans were not allowed on any of the Grand Strand beaches except for the town of Atlantic Beach. However, all of the best entertainers were black. The schools were just in the process of desegregation and there was much tension.

    1. You're welcome! And thanks for the information.

  4. Love this! I grew up in Upstate SC going to MB in the summer, of course. I remember first day of school my 10th grade year one of my friends telling me about being a movie extra over the summer. Between it's location and the connection with my friend Shag has always been dear to me.

    1. Thanks! It's a great movie. Very cool your friend was an extra.

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  6. I love your Blog on this movie... My first visit to Myrtle Beach was about 1967. I loved it and I stayed in the Magnolia Motel with chaperones of course... ha Now at the age of 67 I dance in North Myrtle Beach at SOS in the Spring and Fall... I love this movie and memories of the past of Myrtle Beach... Thank you so much for posting this wonderful information... my email is not what is listed...

    1. You're welcome and thanks for writing! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Shag is a great movie.

  7. Just from how it looks in the film, strangely odd compared to how the rest of the film looks, I think the shots of Buzz and Carson fishing were done on a stage set, with the background projected. They just look out of place with the rest of the movie, like they're from some other movie

  8. Running the MB Marathon next weekend and SHAG was a favorite while attending college in Missouri 31 years ago. I can't believe my luck having stumbled on your blog!

    1. I'm glad you did. Good luck with the marathon!