Saturday, December 7, 2019

Problem Child (1990)

Ben and Flo Healy are hoping to conceive... for very different reasons.  After Flo finds out she's barren, they end up adopting Junior, a holy reign of terror.  A series of disasters cause a rift between the couple and make them neighborhood outcasts. On top of that, Junior's pen pal, The Bow Tie Killer, has kidnapped Flo and Junior.  A high speed chase unites Flo with a pig and reunites Ben with a remorseful Junior in a heartwarming ending thanks to a prune.

Problem Child was that other mischievous kid running amok movie from 1990.  Luckily Team Kevin McCallister and Team Junior Healy did not divide the nation as it is today.  The film was inspired by an LA Times article about a couple suing an adoption agency that did not disclose the child had mental health issues and was originally pitched as a horror movie.  The film had no problem ;-) raking in the bucks at the box office and saw two sequels and a cartoon series follow.  The Beach Boys were hoping to strike gold twice with another hit song from a soundtrack.  Problem Child didn't cause the raucous ;-) Kokomo (1988) did on the Billboard charts, but is still a catchy song nonetheless.  I sure as hell hope I don't have to work until I'm 93.

Problem Child was filmed in Dallas, Fort Worth and Mesquite, TX

Location: Junior's First House
Address: 5439 Swiss Avenue, Dallas, TX

Location: St. Brutus Orphanage
Address: 801 W. Shaw Street, Fort Worth, TX   Victory Arts Center

Location: The Healy House 
Address: 4714 Swiss Avenue, Dallas, TX

Location: Roy & Lorraine's House
Address: 4719 Swiss Avenue, Dallas, TX

Location: The Henderson House
Address: 5500 Swiss Avenue, Dallas, TX

This is just across the street from Junior's first home.  The mansions in this swanky part of town rest on a beautiful tree-lined street...

Location: The Gas Station
Address: N Galloway & W Grubb Drive, Mesquite, TX

Unfortunately, the gas station is no longer around...

Location: Martin Puts Flo in The Trunk
Address: S. Crowdus Street & Commerce Street, Dallas, TX

I messed up and didn't get an exact matching shot on this one...

Location: Midway Circus
Address: 3921 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Dallas, TX

The State Fair of Texas was taking place while I was in town.  I didn't have the time to attend so just grabbed a shot of one of the entrances...

Location: The Bridge
Address: Corinth Street & Austin Street, Dallas, TX

This area is fenced off so I couldn't really get a lot of matching shots, but you get the idea...

Locations Visited: October 2019

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