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American Horror Story: Coven (2013-2014)

The third season of American Horror Story delved into the world of witchcraft, focusing on a coven at Miss Robicheaux's Academy in modern day New Orleans.  The hunt ;-) is on to see who will be the next to reign Supreme... with a little encouragement by Stevie Nicks.

Coven was more campy in tone than Murder House and Asylum, fully equipped with snarky comments and hijinks amidst the horror.  Jessica Lagne outdoes herself as debilitating Supreme Fiona Goode and Kathy Bates is incredibly amusing as the 19th-century slave owner/decimator and resident racist Delphine Lalaurie, who struggles adjusting to life in the 21st-century.  And featuring songs from my favorite band Fleetwood Mac was a cauldron ;-) of gravy.   Overall, American Horror Story: Coven had me completely under it's spell ;-)

American Horror Story: Coven was filmed in New Orleans, LA

Location: Miss Robincheaux's Academy
Address: 1410 Jackson Avenue, New Orleans, LA  Buckner Mansion

Location: The Lalaurie Mansion
Address: 1140 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA  Madame Lalaurie's House of Horrors

A ghost tour staple...

Location: Madame Lalaurie Mansion Exterior
Address: 1132 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA  

On the show, The Gallier House filled in for the mansion...

Location: Lalaurie Mansion Interior
Address: 820 St. Louis Street, New Orleans, LA  

Location: Marie Laveau's Cornrow City Salon
Address: 2000 Dumaine Street, New Orleans, LA


Episode 1: "Bitchcraft"

Location: Tau Omega Alpha Fraternity House
Address: 6330 St Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA

Location: The Witches Walk
Address: 827 Toulouse Street, New Orleans, LA

Episode 2: "Boy Parts"

Location: Chubbie's Fried Chicken
Address: 4850 General Meyer Avenue, New Orleans, LA

I got there just after 6:30pm, which is closing time, so I could only get a shot from the front doors...

Episode 3: "The Replacements"

Location: Fiona & Madison's Bar
Address: 4905 Freret Street, New Orleans, LA  Cure

Location: The Ramsey House
Address: 1422 Jackson Avenue, New Orleans, LA

Whoops, wrong angle...

Location: Fiona & Madison's Brunch
Address: 901 Louisiana Avenue, New Orleans, LA 

Episode 5: "Burn, Witch.  Burn!"

Location: Myrtle Snow's Motel
Address: 3923 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, New Orleans, LA

Episode 6: "The Axeman Cometh"

Location: Fiona & The Axeman's Bar
Address: 3811 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA  The Victorian Lounge Bar of The Columns Hotel

Episode 7: "The Dead"

Location: The Tattoo Shop
Address: 2035 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA Hell or High Water Tattoo Shop


Location: The Frostop Diner
Address: 3100 Calhoun Street, New Orleans, LA


Ms. Pac-Man!

Episode 10: "The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks"

Location: The Funeral Procession
Address: 2233 St. Andrews Street, New Orleans, LA

This was not the safest area, so I didn't get the exact houses, but you get the idea...

Location: The Jazz Funeral
Address: 2801 S Saratoga Street, New Orleans, LA Lafayette Cemetery No. 2

This area is by Square 7....

The cemetery is seen again in Episode 10 for Nan's funeral.   This area is Square 15...

Episode 11: "Protect The Coven"

Location: Zoe & Kyle's Bus Station
Address: 1001 Loyola Avenue, New Orleans, LA

Locations Visited: March 2018 

Still Need To Visit: 

Kyle's Hospital

Still Need To Locate:

Kyle's House

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