Sunday, January 8, 2017

Menudo - Hold Me (1985)

Before The Backstreet Boys, before New Kids On The Block, before New Edition, there was Menudo, Latin America's boy band sensation.  Originally formed in 1977, there was a revolving door of members since it was adios! if your voice changed or you hit the age of sixteen.  In the mid-80s, they released their first English album.  The video for their single Hold Me is a colorful and carefree story of puppy amor as Robi is all caliente and bothered by a thirty year old girl while he frolics around Los Angeles with his bandmates, friends and a guy in a loco crop top.

Hold Me was filmed in Los Angeles, CA

Location: Playing In The Street
Address: 909 South Serrano Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

Location: The Girl's Apartment Building
Address: 900 South Serrano Avenue, Los Angeles, CA  The St. Germain

Location: The Bridge
Address: 1st Street & N Sante Fe Avenue, Los Angeles, CA   The 1st Street Bridge 

Location: The Hilly Street
Address: 1402 Pennsylvania Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

What should've been the easiest location to pinpoint turned out to be somewhat challenging. If only the camera had panned up half an inch more you could see the entire street sign.  But the Downtown LA skyline and the freeway at the bottom of the hill were helpful clues, I just had to figure out what direction the camera was looking at.

Locations Visited: October 2016

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  1. Haha I wrote an entry 4 years ago on Tumblr saying "Why is the girl in this video like 30 or 40 years old LOL Why is he even singing to his old chick and he's only like 15 ... I guess the perversion in Hollywood was apparent back then I grew up in that area it was kind of funny to see that someone else said she looked 30 I'm like the only person who's ever said anything everyone else must have some kind of down syndrome because that's the first thing I notice about the video way back in the day. So just now I Googled why is the girl in the menudo video like 30 or 40 years old to see if anyone else finally said something online and then I came across this it made me laugh