Thursday, September 1, 2016

Jaws: The Revenge (1987)

Look out for the shark, mon!  Jaws: The Revenge has issues of charcharodon proportions, most notably that the shark has a vendetta against The Brody family so much so that it swims from New England aaaaaall the way down to The Bahamas to try and end their bloodline.  Yet I love watching this trainwreck.

Ellen Brody is back, fresh from The Stevie Wonder Hair Salon.  Reeling from her younger son's fatal shark attack, Ellen joins her other son in the tropics to regroup.  Only to be followed the same great white.  It's better in The Bahamas and this shark knows it.  It just lallygags around the clear water.  On a diet apparently, only eating two people, well, three depending on which ending you watch.  And this piss poor diet is apparent when the shark takes a bite out of Michael and Jake's barge and it's teeth break off.  

In keeping with tradition, the method of the shark's demise is seen earlier in each film so I just assumed this time it would be death by Ellen Brody's shoulder pads.  But then they went with Jake's strobe light device which made they shark roar loud enough to rival Katy Perry.  This film does have a few things going for it such as Michael Small's score, being one of my favorite Nintendo games and having one of the most quotable taglines ever to grace a poster. 

Jaws: The Revenge was filmed in Edgartown, MA and The Bahamas

Location: Opening Credits
Address: Edgartown Harbor, Edgartown, MA

Location: Brody/Taft Real Estate
Address: 66 Main Street, Edgartown, MA

Location: Amity Police Department
Address: 71 Main Street, Edgartown, MA

Location: The Dock
Address: Dock Street, Edgartown, MA

Location: Ellen Brody's House
Address: 120 Eastville Avenue, Oak Bluffs, MA

Thanks to Paul H for finding this location.

Location: Michael & Carla's Beach
Address: near 274 Sea View Avenue, Oak Bluffs, MA

The house in the screenshot is at 274 Sea View Avenue.  The beach they walk on is a private beach across the pond so I couldn't get access to it unfortunately.  Thanks to PaulH for finding this location.

Location: Sean Brody's Funeral 
Address: 86 Main Street, Edgartown, MA  St. Elizabeth Church

Location: Amity Drug Store
Address: 1 Water Street, Edgartown, MA

It's here that Michael asks his mother to join him and his terminally pissed off wife in The Bahamas for the holidays.   This is also Vaughn Reality from Jaws (1975)

Location: The Chappy Ferry
Address: 53 Dock Street, Edgartown, MA

Locations Visited: August 2016

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  1. Very cool! You've done a great job with those photos - I really enjoyed looking through them all.

  2. Very impressive! You really don't hear much about the locations from the sequels, so this was cool to see. Did you just walk around Edgartown until you found them, or did you have help?

    1. Thanks, Ryan! I had everything mapped out beforehand to make the most of my time there. I was able to find some on google maps thanks to clues in the scene. There were a few tricky ones that a google map guru helped me out with.